Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Finals, Live Performances

Today has been a busy day! While the Costume Institute Gala was taking place in New York, in the West Coast one of the most successful tv shows of the season – The Voice – was reaching its peak with the finalists’ live performances. I had read somewhere Christina and Chris Mann were getting ready for their duet – The Prayer by Celine Dion feat. Andrea Bocelli – so I was really looking forward to watching the episode.

Christina sported two outfits – this is the first one. She was sparkling from head to toe as required in such an important evening. She wore a brown loose-cut jacket, a bodycon black dress and gold jewellery. My friend Alessia, who watched it live, told me she was sure I would have appreciated her make-up and manicure, which I actually did! Her manicure was amazing – it looks like gold foil and crystals were applied on her nails [1] – and so was her make-up, with a set of gold crystals applied on the upper lash-line and super-long lashes ♥]

Her jacket is a creation by the brand Jay Ahr, designed by the Belgian-born Jonathan Riss. I like it because it’s dramatic but has a very relaxed shape.

She wore it with a cut-out black dress by Alexander Wang. I’m glad she wore the jacket on it, otherwise it would have been too plain for this occasion.

Glittering from head to toe, right? Her towering Daffodil pumps by Christian Louboutin were crystal-studded. She left the stage with the help of Chris Mann and I can understand why: those heels look dangerous to walk in!

For the performance, she wore another glittering number, which beautifully enhanced her curves. We’re not used to see Christina wearing a long dress, but she looked lovely.

This is the second time she wore a Kaufman Franco creation: after the beaded tunic disaster, she picked an amazing sleeveless dress, completely embellished with crystals and sequins. While watching the performance, I feared a wardrobe malfunction was about to take place (the neckline is so plunging), but luckily nothing happened 😉

The jewellery department included Loree Rodkin yellow gold pieces. Her round earrings were stunning, decorated by a Maltese cross and central stone.

Another diamond-studded cross decorated the knuckle ring she wore on the left hand.

On the right hand she wore another knuckle ring, but I wasn’t able to capture a better screencap. I loved both outfits and the way in which they were accessorized and, I must admit, I also appreciated her hairstyle – straight but with a tiny bit of wave.

During the episode, she repeated several times that she didn’t feel well, but listening to her performance I couldn’t perceive any voice problem; on the contrary, I think she sounded so soulful and powerful, especially in the very last part. I’m not a fan of Celine Dion, let alone of Andrea Bocelli, but I’m glad she picked this song because I think it’s the first time I heard her sing in Italian (my language). It’s a weird – but good – sensation.

What do you think of these outfits? Event-appropriate or a bit too daring?

[1] Her manicurist Farah Songharian applied Dashing Diva FX Bling appliqués in The Finer Things in Life.




    1. She’s worn the same shoes in different versions, but I think this is the first time she wore the crystal-studded one. Impressive, isn’it it?

  1. she looked so beautifuk last night <3<3<3 did you seee what happened with adam and tony lucca now the press are backing them and against xtina, smh.

    1. Yes, I saw what happened and it totally disappointed me. I don’t like Tony Lucca, at all. I think he’s not as talented as most of the singers we’ve seen in this season, and I also think people like him for the story of his life.
      Adam…well, is that the way to react to a consideration/criticism? He was about to freak out, so out of place. On the contrary, I appreciated Christina, when she went on stage after Chris’ performance and told him he’s a real man “who respects women”. The reference was clearly to Adam (more than to Tony). In any case, I just love the way in which she gets involved in everything she does. She’s great ♥

      1. Yeah I know I just hate how the media is portraying her and trying to make her the bad girl here, she deserves better <3<3

  2. I love comming to ur site and reading about all the designers she wears and her glam squad I do love this new look but she wouldn’t be Christina aguilera if she wasnt over the top…. I seen a comment below about Tony Lucca and I agree I don’t think his “voice” because that’s what the show is…. Measures up to the other 3 finalists….. He is cocky and 99problems was a jab at Christina …. U don’t win by getting revenge…. I just hope he wins because his talent and not because ppl love Adam and Justin timber lake

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