Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2), Before the Finale

If you are followers of my posts about Christina Aguilera’s style, you should know I usually write about social events/tv shows she attends. This time I’ll make an exception to the rule and show you what she wore at The Voice – Before the Finale, a special programme focusing on the approaching finale of the tv competition. As it often happens with her off-scene style, in this case she was sporting a very relaxed and kind of “scruffy” style. Ok, maybe this adjective is too strong, because she always likes to (or at least, tries to) look her best, but it’s true her “official” outfits are totally different from what she wears in real life.

She teamed up with Christina Milian to speak about the strong bond between her and the members of her team, and the reasons why she decided to give Chris Mann the chance to be the finalist. As for her outfit, it included a white sweater (worn as a dress), studded boots, silver and crystal jewellery. I would define it as glamour-meets-scruffy – the sweater has holes on the sleeves and has a tattered look.

This is not the first time she wore a Wildfox Couture creation: even if one could assume Christina and Wildfox Couture imagery are worlds apart, I actually think they’re an interesting match. As a matter of fact, I’d love to see her embrace the bohemian/casual style of the American brand. This sweater has a poetic name – Seeing Stars Lennon – and has pink stars on it.

She wore the sweater as a dress, pairing it to black tights and Jimmy Choo York studded boots. This is another unusual choice: she’s worn these boots many times, but she tends to wear high heels more than flat shoes. It’s clear in this case she just wanted to keep things simple and comfortable.

The jewellery department had the function of glamming things up: she wore a pair of earrings by Tom Binns, decorated by pendant skulls and Swarovski navette-cut crystals.

She also wore one of the pieces she’s worn more often in the second season of The Voice – the double cage ring by Pamela Love. I really like this ring because it has a strong visual impact, though being extremely simple in shape. A delicate make-up and wavy locks completed her look.

I think this will be the last public appearance before the show’s finale, so now the countdown to May 7th and 8th starts. What do you think of this casual outfit? Any predictions on what she’ll wear for the big days?

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