Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Semifinals, Live Performances

Oh, well: after complaining a bit [1] about the outfits Christina Aguilera has recently sported at The Voice, yesterday, at the semifinal live performances, she gave us something completely different. “She doesn’t like pants. She’s worked hard for her body- so why not flaunt it?,” wrote Simone Harouche, Christina’s stylist, on her Twitter account. That’s the point: Christina-no pants-tiara. I am in awe.

Just amazing! I was so looking forward for a dramatic outfit and here it is! Let me start with the good: her jacket/Danskin fishnet stockings/boots combo is gorgeous, it kind of reminds me of a circus ringmaster (Christina has always had a soft spot for anything related to the world of circus); the tiara is just lovely on her, a funny way to remind everybody she’s still a pop princess. Her make-up was amazing (her trademark red lipstick was back and those shimmering cheeks… well, I love them!), so was the glittering red fan she used as an accessory. The only downside was – again – her hairstyle. I’ve never been a fan of curly hair, and in this case it was too much.  Wavy locks would have been perfect!

The jacket she wore is another creation by Alexander McQueen. It’s made of black silk blend and it features stand-up collar, hook and eye front fastenings (to achieve a corset effect) and peplum hemline to the back. She paired it to American Apparel shorts.

The structure of this jacket is amazing: the lower front jacket has an oval cut (it reminds me of Edwardian corsets), while the back is embellished by ruffles.

The other strongest piece of her outfit was the tiara, a creation by Butler & Wilson embellished by diamanté skulls and tiny top crown. This is not the first time we see Christina wearing a tiara, but this came quite unexpected.

The jewellery department also included two pieces she’s worn many times – her trademark knuckle duster by Stephen Webster, embellished by another tiny crown…

… and her trusty Maltese cross ring by Loree Rodkin, which she wore on her pinkie.

She also wore Harletty platform boots by Christian Louboutin, decorated by two buckles. I really liked this outfit because it’s not costume-y, yet it echoes many cultural references. I think she should wear something like this more often: going pantless has been a trend for a while, but Christina is the one who wore assless chaps in the early 2000s, so wearing nothing but shorts is clearly not an unusual choice for her. Her body has changed a lot since then, but who cares? She looks beautiful and – what is more important – super-self-confident.

During the episode, we also saw some pre-recorded scenes of Christina working with Chris and Lindsey, the members of her team. I’m always looking forward to these moments, because her style is so different from the one she has in the studio. In this case, Christina opts for a relaxed, kind of rock/rugged style, which is totally appealing. The first oufit she wore included a Bella Dahl denim shirt, a white tank dress and gold jewellery (those hoop earrings are so nice!).

She also wore a white fedora with black ribbon, two gold rings and matching bracelet. I like her soft make-up here, but her eyebrows are a bit disturbing (sorry, but I’m a supporter of natural eyebrows).

Even when it comes to sporting a casual style, a sexy touch is never missing: the long white dress she wore here has a front slit, and she wore purple stiletto heels! She’s my heroine ♥

She was also seen with a similar outfit, which included the same denim shirt, a v-neck tie-dye pink t-shirt and a black fedora with black and white ribbon. I prefer the previous outfit better, but it would be interesting to see this one in detail.

What do you think of Christina’s pantless outfit? Funny or trashy?

[1] Maybe “complaining” is not the right term. I’ve often explained the reasons why I think she’s very much improved since The Voice‘s first season, but the bodycon dresses she wore after that amazing Roland Mouret dress were a bit bland.

Source, source and source.



  1. I loved it! it was cocky and fun it reminds me of her song vanity! LOL I do think the hair could have been styled better her face looks wider with this kind of over the top curls. She owns the throne for sure 😀

  2. I can’t believe no one noticed the big spot on the back of her dress when she walked up on stage to say good-bye to Lindsey. It was almost as bad as her spray tan running down her legs when she performed at Etta James’ funeral.

    1. Big spot? Right now I’m watching the moment in which she goes on stage again, and I can see no spots on the back of her dress O____o The dress is made of jersey and spandex and is a little bit shiny in some spots, that’s it. Why are you saying something which is not true?

      1. Just watched the video a few times, I see the spot right on her bottom. If you are wearing jersey/spandex and it results in shiny spots than you are wearing a size too small (at least). I applaud her daring style and she looks wonderful now that she has lost some weight but daring can still be done with class.

      2. Well, I think it’s clear she likes wearing clothes that are smaller than her size. I’m glad she’s recently taken a different style road, but sometimes the old habit comes back 😉

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