Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Quarterfinals, Live Eliminations (Week 2)

The second season of The Voice is quickly entering its hottest phase: this second week of quarterfinals, with the live eliminations from Team Adam and Team Cee-Lo, has closed the first part of the competition. Now things will start getting really serious. I loved most of the performances of this episode, even if I must admit I was quite disappointed by Cee-Lo’s decision to eliminate Cheesa: she’s such an incredible vocalist.

As for Christina, she sat among the other vocal coaches and gave her opinions about the performances.

She looked really pretty in a nice black bodycon dress with contrasting details. Her hair is far from being good, but this hairstyle – a bit wavy – suits her better than the one she sported two days ago. I love her colourful eye make-up, contrasting with the neutral lips. This new look is so refreshing on her!

She wore another engineered tank dress by Alexander Wang: this one has a sporty vibe, emphasized by side bands in royal blue.

She completed this simple outfit with Pamela Love double cage ring, a piece she’s worn many times. She also wore crystal earrings by Erickson Beamon. I would love to see them in detail, but her long hair hid the earrings during the whole episode.

She also wore the mysterious spiked ring she wore some weeks ago. I still haven’t identified it yet, but I think it could be a ring by Pamela Love (not sure about this, since I went through the archive on her site and I couldn’t find trace of this ring), by Erickson Beamon (uhm, but those spikes are quite unusual for the brand) or Noir Jewelry. I hope I can find more information about it soon.

What do you think of this outfit? It was not boring, but it clearly lacked a bit of extra glamour, which is always welcome when it comes to Christina. There’s nothing to complain about in her outfits, because she’s wearing nice dresses which beautifully emphasize her curves; the only problem is her hair, as I’ve already said a thousand times. I’d like to start a campaign – EMERGENCY CUT & DYE FOR CHRISTINA – because I think it’s time for a change to happen 😉 Are you in?




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