Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Quarterfinals, Live Performances (Week 1)

Yesterday a new phase – quarterfinals – started at The Voice: each member of Team Christina and Team Blake performed live and then performed with their coaches. I usually don’t comment on the performances, but I loved Jordis Unga’s rendition of A Little Bit Stronger. She looked fantastic with that pale pink dress and awesome tattoos on her arms. Unfortunately, Blake sent her home, while Christina decided to call Jesse Campbell out of the competition.

Christina looked gorgeous, even if I think this outfit can’t match up with the ones she sported in the previous episodes. It looks a little bit more relaxed, which is lovely on her, but at this point I think she should keep on wearing more structured dresses.

The black beaded tank dress is a creation by Kaufman Franco, which she wore with black fishnet stockings and stunning Jimmy Choo Suki crystal-studded satin platform sandals. She also wore Loree Rodkin open leaf earrings, which have driven me mad: I tried to find a picture of them online, but no results. They’re similar to a pair of earrings she wore last year, but these have a black oval stone instead.

She also wore a tiny stud ring and her trusty Stephen Webster custom-made knuckle duster. When it comes to her make-up, I think it was sensational: Jake Bailey decided to focus on her eyes and worked with royal blue and black tones, leaving her lips shiny but neutral. On the other hand, I don’t like her hairstyle at all: the hideous extensions are still there and the straight hairdo emphasize them.

When she performed with her team (they sang Fighter), she wore a custom-made bodysuit by Simone Harouche, her stylist. I have mixed feelings when it comes to this stage costume: I like the bodice (it’s studded with white and blue Swarovski crystals) but the cut of the bottoms simply doesn’t work with the rest. She looked great but unfortunately this is not the best costume she has worn on stage. She could have opted for something more dramatic (like the amazing turquoise costume by The Blonds she wore last year) or at least bottoms with a different cut.

Her black and white belt with gold details is an impressive work of art by the London-based designer Una Burke, which beautifully contrasted with the sparkling bodice of her costume.

She also wore Christian Louboutin Very Mix silver platform shoes.

During the episode, some pre-recorded scenes aired: one of these documented the visit Christina and her team paid at the Crenshaw High School: she invited the school choir to perform live with them. In this case, Christina wore an all-black outfit – long-sleeved bodycon dress, matching tights and a fedora hat with aubergine ribbon.

She also wore two necklaces (one with a sword pendant) and Christian Louboutin Maggie leopard pumps. I like this outfit, but it’s kind of weird to see her wearing red lipstick again. After seeing her with a different make-up, I’ve got used to it.

Cameras also went behind the scenes to see how Christina worked with her team. During a chat with Jesse, she wore a long plaid shirt with zip details on the shoulders and lining in a contrasting colour. She also wore studded pendant earrings and a silver knuckle ring. The hairstyle she sported here is lovely, in my opinion, much more natural than the one seen in the studio.

She also wore a crystal dome ring.

I don’t know if the shirt was actually a long shirt or a dress; Christina wore it on a black miniskirt.

Christian Louboutin Alti Spike pumps completed this casual, yet lovely, look.

While working with Lindsay, she wore a denim shirt with a white top underneath, black leggings and Christian Louboutin pumps. She accessorized the look with a straw hat with white and blue ribbon, turquoise and silver earrings and Pamela Love hinged cage silver ring.

I’m quite happy with the evolution of her style, but I’m a bit disappointed, probably because I was expecting another “wow” moment. In any case, I’m sure the direction she has taken is the right one, so I cannot wait to see what her glam squad has in store for her.

Do you agree with me or did you like the outfit she wore yesterday?

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  1. I’m with you here I also expected a WOW moment like the orange dress, about the hair extensions, the stylist responsable for her late improvements was out off town so other guy worked with her in this episode that’s why the result is so underwhelming.

    Loved her make up and her energetic performance!!!

    1. She should get rid of hair extensions, stat. Oh, I see: well, one could say that her hair didn’t look so good in this episode. Her make-up was amazing, though.

  2. I was so disappointed with her style this week, because during live eliminations she was doing so much better. I loved Roland Mouret, Alexander McQueen and Intermix exclusives dresses she wore on previous episodes. Even the press praised her slimming figure. Now we can obviously see that there hasn’t been much change in her body, and it is quite ok if one is dressing up nicely. I think her performance outfit was a wrong choice this time and it reminds us about the hidious costume from Michael Jackson Tribute Concert on October. Unfortunately her costume made her look faaaar from sexy… I think she is still stuck on her style, but thank God her hair is doing so much better these days!

    1. I think you hit the point. As I’ve written many times, I don’t care for her body shape, but what she wears makes the difference. Last year, for example, most of her outfits were poor choices, in my opinion, and didn’t make her look at her best. This year things have hugely improved but she should keep on working in this direction, forgetting sloppy clothes (see the Kaufman Franco shapeless tunic) and focusing on sophisticated dresses which emphasize her curves. The Alexander McQueen dresses are just perfect for her, and the same can be said for the shape of many Roland Mouret dresses.

      As for the stage costume, I agree with you. I don’t know why, but she sported something similar even last year at The Voice (she paired black shorts to a Burberry silver jacket) and didn’t look good either.There are many different possibilities for a stage costume, but she seems to stick to the bustier/shorts combo, which is disappointing, imo. If she opted for something more dramatic (I’m thinking of something by the Blonds, for example, or by Alexandre Vauthier), I would definitely support her for being daring and pushing boundaries, but this is just boring and unflattering. In any case, I LOVED the belt and the bodice (the blue crystals on it echoed her eye make-up, sublime!).

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