Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – 2nd Live Eliminations

After the live performances of April 9th, yesterday’s episode [1] of The Voice focused on the 2nd round of live eliminations. The protagonists were the singers of Team Adam and Team Cee-Lo. Christina Aguilera only played the role of judge and gave her considerations about the performances.

This is not the first time we are given the sexy teacher/sexy secretary look, but this is definitely the best. This outfit is so demure but still spiced up by some details. I also love her slightly curly hairstyle, I think it looks amazing on her. Despite the pink lipstick (sorry but I don’t like pink lip colours at all), her make-up is gorgeous, too.

The central piece of her outfit is an adorable black cardigan from the Play collection by Comme des Garçons. I remember I first spotted a similar cardigan on Katie Holmes in 2008 and that lovely red embroidered heart immediately caught my attention. Such a simple yet brilliant detail on such a simple garment!

She completed the outfit with a crisp white shirt by Comme des Garçons and a pleated skirt by Burberry. I couldn’t find a picture of the exact skirt worn by her, but the style is the same: if you look closely Christina’s picture, you can see there’s a zip on one side of the skirt.

She also wore her trademark Stephen Webster knuckle duster, a piece of jewellery which she has worn with many different outfits.

Her jewellery also included Loree Rodkin pendant diamond earrings with central moonstone (or is it mother-of-pearl?).

Adorable, right? I think Simone Harouche is finally doing an excellent job with Christina. After years of trying and failing, they are experimenting with different looks and every time it’s a hit. I hope she won’t settle to a specific style, because I like her looking so different but equally beautiful.

Do you like the looks she’s sporting in The Voice? A huge improvement from what we saw on her last year, right?

[1] I’ve just realized the date I wrote on the screencaps is wrong: I’ve written the day in which I’m writing the post, instead of the date in which the programme was aired. Sorry if I don’t correct it but I personally take the screencaps and I don’t feel like doing the job all over again.

Source and source.


  1. I have been loving her style recently, this one in particular and the orange dress she wore last week are my favorites. I love everything about this look including the pink lisptick LOL

    However I hope that for her new CD she comes up with a different hair color, she looks lovely as a brunnette!!

    1. Oh, that orange dress was amazing on her, maybe because she rarely wears colourful clothes.

      Me too! I loved her as a brunette but I don’t think she wants to undergo such a drastic change for her upcoming album. Well, I have no idea what she’ll come up with but I prefer not to think about it: I had high expectations for “Bionic” but unfortunately things didn’t go as expected. The album is brilliant, but the visuals could have been so much better.

      1. “The album is brilliant, but the visuals could have been so much better” This so much! I still listen Bionic I think is a fantastic album in a very personal opinion but I think because of her divorce she didn’t feel up to be at the same level in the image/fashion department :/

      2. True! It’s a complex album and I’m sure the public and the critics haven’t really understood its complexity. On the other hand, she barely promoted it because of the hard times she was having with Jordan. Such a pity!

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