From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.19 – It Girl, Interrupted)

After last week’s episode, where most drama was focused on Ivy vs the Van der Woodsens, the 19th episode of Gossip Girl’s 5th season – It Girl, Interrupted [1] – is centred on the rise of Lola as the new It Girl and on Chuck’s quest for his real mother. In addition to these storylines, things are getting sour for Lily and Rufus: he has apparently found a way to get Lily’s house back (by unfreezing the assets Cece left to Ivy), but she totally disagrees with him, even if she tries to pretend she’s appreciating his efforts.

The first scene in which she appears is set in Rufus’ loft in Brooklyn. Lily is thrilled to go to Daniel for lunch and shopping at Barneys, but Rufus makes her cool down: he has already been in the Upper East Side, where he met Ivy. He explains what he asked the girl: Lily looks vexed but accepts to call the lawyers to unfreeze the assets. Here Lily sports a gorgeous outfit, one of those refined ensembles which perfectly embody the character: she wears a tie-scarf black silk blouse, a beige pencil skirt, diamond rings, crystal clip-on earrings and a statement necklace.

One of her diamond rings is a creation by Mimi So: it’s the Switch ring, made of sanded rose gold with central diamond pavé. You may remember Lily wore a ring from the same Switch collection in All the Pretty Sources.

Her statement necklace is the Jaded Sunrise necklace by Sorrelli, made of diamanté wooden rings and a central decorative element embellished with crystals, turquoise and desert jasper stones. I really like this necklace because its exotic vibe beautifully contrasts with the prim and proper outfit.

The crystal clip-on earrings are one of her trademark accessories – these by Amrita Singh have a beautiful flower shape. As you surely have noticed, she’s sporting loose hair here, which usually foresees trouble. It’s clear everything in the show (clothes, accessories, colours, hair-styles and even make-up) has a precise function. In Lily’s body language, for example, the colour red and loose hair are usually related to moments in which she’s in trouble or in which she lets her calculating side rule.

Later in the episode, Lily reveals she never called the lawyers, thus proving she lied to her husband. I think she’s ready to start a legal fight against Ivy and apparently nothing is going to stop her. She tries to explain Rufus her point of view – she’s just trying to get back what is hers from a person who lied to her and her dying mother – but Rufus doesn’t buy it. He even says he doesn’t want to go back to their apartment, because the loft in Brooklyn feels more like home. There’s a cold atmosphere between them but I hope this doesn’t mean a break-up is coming. In this scene, we get a better view of Lily’s pencil skirt, embellished by a beaded band at the waist.

The third scene featuring Lily is set in her apartment in Manhattan. She’s back at home but things are not as she expected, because she’s alone; she’s achieved her goal but (maybe) lost her husband’s trust. Here she sports a more casual and laid back outfit, which includes skinny jeans, a comfy shawl-collar white cashmere jacket (this is so Lily!), pendant earrings and a gorgeous caramel bag she’s never carried before.

Just a few seconds after seeing this bag, I became obsessed with it, as it happens with many items of Lily’s outfits that I can’t identify. It turns out it’s a Trussardi doctor bag (thanks to Laura, who identified it). Isn’t it gorgeous?

What do you think of Lily’s outfits and of this episode? Unfortunately, we didn’t get many Dair moments, but I hope we’ll be given more in the following episodes.

[1] The title of the episode is obviously a homage to Girl, Interrupted (1999) by James Mangold, starring Winona Ryder, Brittany Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg and Angelina Jolie, who was awarded with an Oscar for the role of Lisa Rowe.




  1. Now that I think of it, Rufus was the one who went behind Lily’s back — to meet with Ivy in the first place.

    1. I agree: maybe she reacted that way because she felt that Rufus had made unexpected move with Ivy without talking to her first.

    1. Yes, it’s a Trussardi bag. I haven’t found a picture of it, though. If only their pr office took 5 minutes to answer my email about it…

    1. Difficile parlare di puro altruismo quando si tratta di Chuck, però anch’io ho avuto la stessa sensazione. Peccato se gli sceneggiatori trascineranno avanti questa storia anche nella sesta (ed immagino ultima) stagione.

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