Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Live Performances, Week 2

Now that Christina Aguilera’s style has finally taken a new, much-welcomed road, I’m more and more curious to see her outfits at The Voice. Yesterday’s episode focused on the live performances of the members of Team Adam and Team Cee-Lo (no need to tell you which team is my favourite, right? Cee-Lo all the way!). Christina had no members of her team perform live, so she just enjoyed the show and gave her opinions on the performances.

I think she looked really beautiful! Ok, not stunning as in the two previous episodes, but lovely nonetheless. After the black-dress phase she had last year, it seems she’s going throught a nice-bodycon-dress phase. I love that the dresses she’s been recently wearing are hardly revealing (just think of the Alexander McQueen long-sleeved dress she wore last week), but they prove you can be sexy without showing off much bare skin.

This time she wore a black and white jacquard knit dress by Exclusive for Intermix. I really love the pattern of this dress and its simple shape, too. It has 3/4 sleeves and a sexy (but not trashy) scoop neckline.

Her jewellery was strangely plain: she wore her trusty Loree Rodkin Maltese cross ring, a pale blue/aqua bead bracelet and Lanvin crystal pendant earrings.

Her make-up was subdued, too, and more refined than ever. I’m so glad this department has improved so much! Jake Bailey is working his magic on her and she’s really showing there’s no need to hide behind your own make-up to be self-confident. Don’t get me wrong: platinum blonde hair and red lipsticks ARE Christina’s symbols, but the looks she has recently sported make her look fresher and even younger. Everything is perfectly balanced – smokey eyes and natural pink and glossy lips. I just love it! I also liked her straight hairstyle, even if I think her hair looks at its best with a little bit of volume.

What are your opinions on this outfit? Lovely or bland?

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