Seems That All They Ever Wanted Was a Marking

Is there any relation between Foo Fighters and my passion for nail polishes? Apparently there is none, but if you remember their debut album, you may still have memory of a song, This Is a Call. A verse from that song, referring to fingernails, was the source of inspiration for my blog about nail art and polishes.

I deeply admire people who can do extraordinary manicures by themselves, using techniques like water marbling or achieving effects like chevron pattern. I’ve never been to a salon to get my nails done, because there are no nail salons here and getting your nails done at a beautician shop is quite expensive; moreover, painting my nails is a relaxing activity which excites my fantasy and makes me try unusual things. Multicolour manicure is far from being unusual, because it’s the easiest way to play with colours, but there’s beauty in its simplicity: all you need are two or more nail polishes and that’s it. Matching the right colours or experimenting with colour combinations is funny and challenging; for this reason, after the ring finger craze, I’ve turned to this.

I decided to try the multicolour (in this case, the alternating colour) manicure after seeing a picture on Tavi Gevinson’s Instagram: the effect was pretty childish but kind of soothing, relaxing. I immediately grabbed my nail polish basket and picked the colours I needed to re-create that manicure. Sorry for the messy application: I try to be as precise as possible, but mistakes are just around the corner.

I applied one coat of Chanel Black Satin as a base, then two coats of Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers and Across the Universe (aka the most beautiful nail polish ever). I finished the manicure with a top coat: my favourite is Mavala Mavadry, which makes the polish dry quicker, too. I love this colour combo, so I think I’ll surely use it again.

For my second experiment I used two pink shades – Essie Lovie Dovie and Color Club Poptastic (2 coats). I have a weird relation with pink varnishes: I don’t like them but I think they look pretty good on my nails. Some months ago, I decided to get some pink shades – which were totally missing in my collection – and I opted for very different shades: besides Lovie Dovie and Poptastic, I got Mavala Candy Pink (which is fabulous) and China Glaze Something Sweet, which I’ve recently used on another manicure (you can see it in this same post). I’m still looking for the *perfect* bubblegum/Barbie pink but I know that sooner or later I’ll surrender to the charm of Pink Friday, from the Nicki Minaj for OPI collection.

My third experiment included two wintery shades – OPI Rising Star, from Burlesque collection, and Deborah Lippmann Superstar. The OPI shade is a beautiful bronzey gold with a metallic finish, while Deborah Lippmann is glittering bronze (the base is bronze, too). I applied two coats of each shade. I sported it some weeks ago: I don’t think it’s suitable for this time of the year, but I wanted to put them in the same manicure, because I think they complement each other. I want to try Superstar alone as soon as possible: it’s incredible the number of multi-dimension glitter are packed in one bottle!

Last but not least, here is the manicure I’m sporting right now. I’m not a fan of pastel colours, but I decided to do this manicure to celebrate springtime and Easter. This is a proper multicolour manicure and both hands have the same colour pattern. I spiced things up a little bit with a glittering top coat (this one is China Glaze Fairy Dust).

All the pastel shades are by China Glaze: Something Sweet (3 coats), Re-Fresh Mint (3 coats), For Audrey (2 coats) and Agent Lavender (2 coats). The first two shades tend to be streaky after two coats, so I applied three to achieve a full coverage. I painted the ring finger with two coats of Orly Shine, then I applied one coat of OPI Crown Me Already! on it. I think a pale yellow shade would have made the colour combo complete, but the shiny detail of the silver ring finger is not bad either.

Before closing this post, here is a live rendition of the Foo Fighters song I was talking about in the introduction. It’s still one of my favourite tracks from that album.

What do you think of multicolour/alternating colour manicure? Do you like it or do you think it’s childish? Any nail obsessions at the moment? I’m currently lemming Illamasqua Load: it’s for sale on ASOS and on the official Illamasqua online store, but it’s still so expensive 😦 I read that Revlon Buttercup and American Apparel Butter are good dupes but I can’t find those either!



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