How Can You See With All That Light?

In my last video solution I said I was planning something special for the Easter week-end… and this is it! After the first Friday Guessing Game by a guest blogger (Valentina, who focused on brooches in movies), I’m honored to introduce another guest blogger. Alessandro is probably one of the most passionate supporters of my guessing games: he loves cinema, especially non-mainstream films, and this is the reason why I asked him if he wanted to create his own game. When he sent me the ten pictures he had selected, my heart filled with excitement: the screencaps are difficult to identify, in my opinion, but the theme is so original, I love it!

This time I don’t have the solution, so I will take part into the game like any other contestant. I will approve comments on Tuesday or Wednesday, so you have plenty of time to analyze each screenshot and write your guesses. Lastly, Alessandro will send me the solution, which I will publish before crowning the winner! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. Share the love ♥

And here is the solution! I’m happy because I guessed four pictures right! Lorenzo and Diego got the same result, so this Friday Guessing Game has three winners! Yay 🙂 I’d like to thank Alessandro again for this amazing theme. I’m sorry because a few people took part into the game, but I had lots of fun and I’m sure the other contestants enjoyed it as well. As usual, share the love ♥



  1. Sono emozionata perché è la prima volta che partecipo ad un FGG come concorrente. Come ho già spiegato nel post, secondo me trattasi di un quiz piuttosto difficile, ma tento di dare una risposta

    1. Auntie Mame
    2. Being Julia
    3. Barton Fink
    5. The Changeling
    6. Repulsion
    7. Flowers in the Attic

    La 8 mi dice qualcosa ma non riesco a collegarla a nessun film. La 6 e la 7 le ho sparate, tanto per 😉

    1. Che cosa buffa commentare se stessi!

      1. Sì (questa l’ho beccata subito)
      2. Sì
      3. Sì
      5. Sì (anche di questa era piuttosto sicura)
      6. Ma va
      7. Neanche per idea

      Non ho mai visto “The Innocents”, chissà cosa mi ricordava la 8. Probabilmente un film francese o spagnolo o boh.

  2. Mi spiace ma questa volta non ho nessuna soluzione. Anche se sono sicura di aver visto qualcuno di questi film.
    (nel penultimo screenshot mi è sembrato di riconoscere Doris Day, sbaglio?)

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