From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.18 – Con-Heir)

Gossip Girl fans have waited for their beloved show’s comeback for so long, but I think the wait has been worth it: Con-Heir [1], the 18th episode of the 5th season was amazing! I enjoyed it a lot for many reasons: Dan and Blair, above all, but also Lily’s utter inability to get used to staying in Brooklyn, which is quite funny, in my opinion. Moreover, it’s good to see Chuck focused on family matters: he’s still haunted by the memory of the woman he thinks is his mother (I have a theory about it, which obviously I won’t tell).

As for my favourite character, I think she looked amazing in this episode. She’s deeply concerned about her future, because she can’t deal with the fact that she’s stuck in Brooklyn (she even gets food delivered from the Upper East Side!). She turns to her former husband, William, to ask him if there’s something she can do to get her apartment back, so she invites him at the loft for breakfast.

We can get a first glimpse of her casual outfit, which includes a checked cardigan in camel/white and skinny jeans. It’s unusual to see her sporting such an outfit, which is more Kelly Rutherford than Lily Van der Woodsen, but it’s a refreshing novelty.

Her cardigan is a Crumpet creation: it’s made of cashmere, it has a wide collar (a detail which characterizes her second outfit, too) and a belt. Such a cozy item, and she totally pulls it off.

Lily is so out of place in Brooklyn, but Rufus apparently cannot get her uneasiness, or maybe he’s just trying to be funny when he says: “Let me guess: you’re redecorating.” Lily’s clothes and accessories are packed in a small room and he tries to be ironic! In the screencap above, we can see Lily’s trademark messy bun, a hairstyle which will soon replaced by something more elegant.

I love when clothes and accessories are somehow part of the plot. In this scene, Lily explains she wants to wear something from Cece’s jewelry box to attend Ivy’s party and it’s Rufus who picks the right piece for her. It’s a strass necklace with three black stones. I spent so many hours looking for this necklace, it drove me mad! I tried any possible jewellery designer but nothing, I couldn’t find any picture of it online. I finally read on InStyle it’s a Badgley Mischka necklace (Lily has often worn their jewellery), but I haven’t found any pic yet. I’ve contacted their pr office, so fingers crossed: maybe an answer (and a picture) from them is on its way.

You know social events are the core of this show, moments in which drama explodes and brings new turns in the plot. This time the social event is a party Ivy has organized at her new posh house, helped by William, who double crosses her by telling Lily she bribed him (we mustn’t forget he’s the executor of Cece’s testament).

When Lily arrives at her own apartment, she’s clearly uncomfortable, but at first she tries to do her best not to fight with Ivy. Her reaction to see how the girl organized the party (“Red wine at a cocktail party?” is her outraged remark) is bitter and we understand why: she has many flaws, but she’s still an Upper East Side princess and knows how to throw a perfect party. In the picture above, we can see part of her all-black outfit, which includes a gorgeous wide-collar tweed coat: she looks lovely here, so Grace Kelly-ish.

She replaced her trusty Christian Louboutin Miss Tack patent pumps with Jimmy Choo Lockett pointed-toe patent pumps. I quite like these shoes because their heels are not sky-high but they have just the right height to be considered evening shoes.

And here is what she wore under the tweed coat. Her gorgeous dress with beaded sleeves is a creation by Christian Dior from the fall 2007 collection.

I think this is one of her best outfits of the 5th season: the shape of the dress is extremely simple, but the exquisite tailoring and the beaded details on the sleeves turn it into a timeless piece of clothing.


Her lovely bag is another Dior piece – a Miss Dior clutch bag, embellished by black beads. I like the bag but I don’t think it’s the best accessory for such a formal dress.

Finally, we’re back to the no-more mysterious necklace, which she paired with diamanté earrings.

Last but not least, a closer look at the updo she sported at the party. As usual, whenever she attends a formal social event, she replaces her messy bun with a more refined hairstyle – in this case, a very refined updo.

As for Dan and Blair, what can I say? They’re such a funny couple! Moreover, there is a lot of kissing and (drunk) making out in this episode. Sexy!

I feel such a teenager in posting these gifs (taken from Pure and Simple Love, an amazing Dair blog on Tumblr), but I’m sure you’ll appreciate them.

What do you think is next? Lily will do anything to get her house back, so a legal fight is surely coming. Chuck will probably discover the real identity of his mother and Serena will hopefully stop pretending to be working or to be Gossip Girl, will finally pull her act together and find her own way in life. As for Dan and Blair, I’m curious to see the development of their story. Aren’t you?

[1] The title of this episode is a homage to Con Air (1997) by Simon West, an action movie starring Nicolas Cage, John Cusak and John Malkovich as the villain.

Source and source.



  1. Ciao!.
    Quanto è bella Kelly in quella foto vicina al divano…woow stunning.
    Puntata carina,divertente Rufus finalmente a casa e Serena GG per un giorno,curioso che Nate fra tutti gli amici e conoscenti milionari non riesca a trovare un investitore,…ma questo tipo di tormenti lavorativi non sono niente in confronto a quelli che proverà quando scoprirà che una delle sue ex è in realtà madre del suo migliore amico …( io non leggo spoIler é farina del io sacco:)))
    Ahh dimenticavo,il consumo smodato e inutile di alcool inizia a disturbarmi.

    1. Ahhh, anche io allora vuoto il sacco: ho avuto la tua stessa intuizione e qualcosa mi dice che abbiamo indovinato!

      Hai proprio ragione. La scena in cui Blair e Dan confidano la loro frustrazione a Dorota e Nate mi ha dato fastidio, visto che bevono alcool come se fosse acqua e non è da loro!

  2. trovo che il trucco che aveva la sera di Lilly sia molto bello e le doni parecchio!
    che pizza ora quanto dobbiamo aspettare per la nuova serie?

    1. Concordo. Trucco leggero ma molto raffinato, in linea con il vestito e il personaggio.

      E’ vero che questa stagione si sta avviando alla fine, ma ci sono ancora degli episodi prima della conclusione!

  3. So glad the series and your outfit posts are back!

    The necklace may be Tory Burch as Lily is seen handling her signature boxes in that scene, and Rufus picks them up before handing Lily the necklace. Just a thought to check that out too- i’ll see what I can find out!

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