Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – 1st Live Eliminations

…and when I thought things couldn’t get any better, Christina Aguilera wowed everyone with a sensational look. I was so excited when I learnt about another episode of The Voice, introducing the 1st round of live eliminations and I was expecting to see her wearing another Alexander McQueen look. I’m glad I was wrong, because she wore something unexpected.

I mean, I haven’t seen her so beautiful since the Back to Basics era. Awww, I just love what her new glam squad is doing with her hair and make-up. I still think she should change something in her hairstyle, but here I can see a huge improvement: her platinum blonde doesn’t look as artificial as it used to, and shorter hair totally suits her. I don’t even want to start commenting on her make-up, which is just perfect, because it enhances and doesn’t hide her features. If you want to have some details about what Jake Bailey used on her, you can read them here.

When it comes to her outfit, the strongest point was her marigold Guinevere dress by Roland Mouret. You know Christina is a fan of body-con dresses, but even in this case I can see a huge improvement. Gone are the days in which she wore Hervé Leger bandage dresses like there’s no tomorrow, but most of the resulting looks were far from being chic. This Mouret dress shows she can still wear body-con dresses AND look really good. I love this dress, something which I’d like to wear myself: its simple but structured shape is awesome on Christina’s curvaceous body.

She kept accessories simple but glamourous. Let’s start with her shoes, a gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalili pumps in gold. I took these screencaps myself but they’re not in HQ, so it was kind of hard to identify her shoes. They looked like Pigalili to me, but the super-kind Elise at Passion Louboutin confirmed my guess.

Her jewellery included Loree Rodkin earrings – two diamond hoops and oval-shaped grey (hematite, maybe) stones.

She also wore another piece by Rodkin – a marquise diamond ring with central grey stone. It’s similar to Rodkin rings she wore in the first season of The Voice, but it’s not quite the same. Another interesting detail is that her make-up and her jewellery had the same grey tones.

Here she is in all her beauty! She looked awesome, sexy but not trashy. In the picture above, you can get a better look of her shoes, too.

Sorry if I post a gif here (I’m kind of addicted to these files) but I just wanted to share it with you. Whoa, those are curves! She’s beautiful and more confident than ever, I like it!

During the episode, a short video was aired: it was recorded before the episode of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno which hosted Christina and her team. In this case, she wore the Alexander McQueen dress I’ve already written about.

What do you think of this change in her image? Are you happy she ditched hair extensions and opted for a more natural look?

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  1. I’m so happy about her hair! As I already told you, it was dull and artificial. Now it looks healthy and a little bit more natural — but not that much, I would go for something a little less platinum-like. As for the curves, she’s so beatiful! -it makes me feel good about myself seeing her wearing this kind of dresses with that body structure, she demonstrates that you can be beatiful even if you’re not skinny!

    1. I agree! She’s an amazing example of self-confidence, showing beauty can have different aspects and shapes. Feeling good in your own skin is so important for self-acceptance and she shows she’s not afraid of her own body.

      As for her hair, I really like the shorter haircut but I’m still on the fence when it comes to its colour. Christina is the epitome of the platinum-blonde bombshell, she’s always been (besides the dark hair phase), so I don’t know if a radical change in colour is the right thing to do. In any case, any change of her image and any step towards appearing refined are more than welcome.

    1. Vero? Io sono contentissima di questo cambiamento, ma evidentemente ha capito anche lei che bisognava fare qualcosa. Non a caso, ora ha un nuovo truccatore… e si vede!

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