You’re Acting Like You’re Mad at Me

I know I’m publishing this video solution so late! I’m so sorry, I hope you’ll forgive me. The winners of this Friday Guessing Game are – as usual – Lorenzo and his friends 😉 Well done, boys! Remember next Friday there will be no Friday Guessing Game because I’ll still be super-busy (this week is so hectic), but I’ll come back just in time for the Easter week-end. Share the love ♥



  1. 1- Familiar, but can’t identify it yet
    2- Moonrise Kingdom (the new film by Wes Anderson)- have you seen it yet? I can’t wait for it to be released!!!
    7- In a year of Thirteen Moons by RW Fassbinder- this is the most representative scene/ screen cap in that film, in my opinion
    10- The actress is Kristen Stewart, I think, but I wouldn’t know the film…maybe the Runways?

  2. 1. Drive
    2. Moonrise Kingdom
    3. Heavenly Creatures
    4. Tacchi a spillo
    5. Bellissima
    6. Ten Things I Hate About You
    10. The Runways

  3. Ne so pochi anche questa volta… 😛

    1) Emily Blunt. in The Adjustment Bureau?
    4) Michelle Pfeiffer in Love Field
    5) Bellissima di Luchino Visconti
    6) Save The Last Dance, Julia Stiles
    9) Laura Linney in The House of Mirth
    10) Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys

    1. 1. No
      4. No
      5. Sì
      6. No. Lei è Julia Stiles, ma il film è un altro
      9. No
      10. Sì

      Grazie per aver partecipato 🙂

  4. in ritardo ma ci sono.
    2. Hairspray?
    5. Bellissima
    6. 10 cose che odio di te
    9. Mi sembra Laura Linney, per caso la Casa della Gioia?

  5. ‎1 Drive
    2 Moonrise Kingdom
    3 Potiche
    4 Tacchi a spillo
    5 Bellissima
    6 10 Things I Hate About You
    7 Un anno con 13 lune
    9 Aristocrats
    10 Welcome to the Rileys

    1. 1. Sì (questa l’ha indovinata Diego, scommetto)
      2. Sì
      3. No
      4. Sì
      5. Sì
      6. Eh
      7. Giusto!
      9. Sì
      10. Sì

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