The World Is Yours

Once a year I stop writing about fashion, photography and cinema and focus on something more personal. You know March 13th is a very special date for me: that day, in 2008, my beloved daughter was born, and that same day, one year later, this blog was born. One of my biggest flaws is overthinking and analyzing what happens in my life and in the world I live in, but speaking my mind about something so personal is not easy. Raising B has surely been the most exciting experience I’ve ever had in my life: she’s growing up so fast, and it’s like I’m growing up, too, as a mother. Don’t believe those who tell you that a mother always knows/feels what to do: it’s not true, because mothers are not gods, they’re like anybody else and can make mistakes/take wrong decisions like anybody else. Don’t believe in maternal instinct, either: I perfectly remember how I felt just after giving birth to her, the post-partum depression I had is a scar which has deeply influenced me and I wouldn’t like to go back there for anything in this world. I don’t believe in maternal instinct, but the bond which your child and you build is just amazing and unique, something it’s worth living for.

What are my wishes for her? I’d like to help to make this world better for her, I’d like to show her the beauty of this world and protect her from its wickedness, but I know I’ll have to let her go, sooner or later, because this is how life works. As an Italian blogger I respect a lot often says about her daughter, I gave birth to her, but she’s not mine and she’s not anybody’s: she’s a human being with her own character, likes and dislikes, and she’ll have to be free to pursue whatever life she’ll want to lead. I know it’ll be hard for me, but respecting her and her choices is the most important thing my husband and I have the duty to do.

What are my wishes for her? Being independent, free, fearless and ready to face the world with pride. She’s a woman and she has to be proud for that, as one of my heroines from the 90s, Courtney Love, is never afraid to say. Happy birthday, B: you are and will always be my Miss World ♥



  1. I’ve already said “happy birthday to miss B” on Facebook but I’me happy to say it again here. Anyway, this is the place where I met you and your sweet daughter ; )

    Happy birthday Miss B!

  2. Io ero qui (cioè nell’altro blog) a leggerti moolto prima che Bianca arrivasse,e sono molto felice di averla vista crescere nelle foto postate e in quello che scrivi.
    Nella speranza che anche a me prima o poi venga il coraggio di scoprire se madre si diventa con il tempo auguro a B. Buon compleanno e tanta felicitá.

  3. Toglimi solo una curiosità …lo stile é innato o gli outfit vengono suggeriti da mamma?
    Quella scelta di fantasie a righe é super;)

    1. Per ora scelgo io quello che lei mette, ma devo dire che finora non si è mai lamentata. Non so se è perché le va bene tutto o perché effettivamente le piace quello che le faccio mettere, ma fatto sta che è contenta. L’accostamento di due righe diverse è quindi farina del mio sacco.

      Ad ogni modo, sono convinta che ognuno abbia il proprio gusto. Quello di B deve ancora venire fuori 😉

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