Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Battle Round 1

Yesterday was a busy episode of The Voice and I enjoyed it a lot! After several rounds of blind auditions, the competition is starting to get serious with the 1st battle round. We usually get one or two outfits from Christina Aguilera, but this time we got five! Let’s take a look at what she wore.

Many criticised this outfit, but I must admit I really liked it. Too bad it’s not fully visible, because it would have been interesting to see her shoes and some more details about the dress (I think it was a dress, but who knows?) she wore.The plunging neckline of the black halter dress was balanced by a suede corset belt with braided details.

Her quirky headpiece, accented by crystals, is a creation by Sonia Rykiel. I’ve already said that, but I repeat it: I’m not a fan of curly hairstyles, but she actually looked good.

As for the jewellery, she wore her trusty Stephen Webster knuckle ring and another piece she really likes – a pair of crystal earrings by Roberto Cavalli. Her make-up was simply awesome: her lips were painted in a deep pink shade, while her eyes were so glam, with sparkling silver eye-shadow and two contrasting colours of eye-liner (white – or was it silver? – and black).

Besides the competition, this episode presented the different teams. Christina welcomed hers in her mansion, and she picked the contestants for two singing duels – Chris vs Monique and Jesse vs Anthony. She also hosted two celebrity vocal advisors – Lionel Richie and Jewel. In the screencap above, we can see her first outfit, which included a black miniskirt, black t-shirt, pinstriped blazer with black lapels, black cap and matching boots.

Her t-shirt has a white skull on the front and is obviously an Alexander McQueen creation. I don’t like this outfit because there’s too much going on: she shouldn’t have worn the blazer and the hat. Sometimes I feel she should get rid of at least two pieces of her outfits because it seems she’s only piling up items of clothing. The result is often confused and fussy.

When she hosted Jewel, she sported a leopard-print silk blouse, black leggings and boots, a black corset belt (the same she wore in the studio) and an aubergine fedora hat. The blouse, which combines two different leopard prints, is a creation by Roberto Cavalli.

Her jewellery included Loree Rodkin Maltese cross ring and a Ghost ring, plus nice pendant earrings made of turquoise (or was it a different stone?) and silver. I’m not crazy about the hat/loose wavy hair combo but at least her make-up looked really good here.

She also attended the rehearsals of Monique and Chris and looked so beautiful! This is probably my favourite outfit seen in the episode, because it’s relaxed and modern-looking. I couldn’t take a better screencap than the one above, because I would have liked to see her earrings in detail – they’re pave diamond oval earrings, possibly by Loree Rodkin, but I’m not sure. Her ring was a stud ring with pave diamond.

Her maxi-dress, made of printed silk chiffon, is a creation by L’Agence, from the Resort 2012 collection.

Last but not least, here is the outfit she wore when she hosted Lionel Richie. It’s nice to see her wearing a denim jacket, but that maxi-dress with the plunging neckline accented by a gold ring is just wrong. I know it’s comfortable and is intended to be sexy, but I think it’s just tacky. She completed it with Loree Rodkin bracelets (the same she wore at the TCA Winter Tour), a Stephen Webster ring and the pendant earrings she had worn when she hosted Jewel.

What do you think of her outfits? Which is your favourite one?

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