From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style On the Set

Four weeks won’t pass fast enough for Gossip Girl fans! I would have never imagined to say it, but I’m actually missing this tv show, and I will count the days from here to the airing of the next episode, Con-Heir, on April 2nd. Since I won’t be giving updates on Lily Van der Woodsen’s outfits in the show, I will try to keep up with what we’ll see her wearing on the set. On March 1st, for example, Kelly Rutherford and Blake Lively were spotted in an outdoor location in New York, where they braved a rainy weather to film a scene.

From the pictures I’ve found online, I can draw some speculations about the scene that was filmed. Both Lily and Serena look worried and tired, and are surrounded by reporters and paparazzi, so I think they could have engaged a legal battle over Cece’s inheritance. In The Princess Dowry, Lily and Rufus were kicked out of their Upper East Side apartment from Ivy, who has inherited most of Cece’s possessions, that apartment included. I’m pretty sure Lily has striken back and is fighting to get her house back.

Her outfit was flawless as usual. She wore a trench coat, an animal printed dress and pointed-toe patent pumps. From this picture, the lining seems the classic Burberry check, but I couldn’t find any Burberry coat similar to this one.

Thanks to the wonderful ladies at Purseforum, I was able to identify the bag she was carrying: it’s a Scottie small flap satchel by Mark Cross, a gorgeous and lady-like top-handle bag which is perfect for such a formal outfit. She was also holding a fur stole on her arm: probably it’s the Ralph Lauren stole she has worn in two episodes. Her animal print dress is barely visible, but I’m quite sure it’s a simple sheath dress, most likely a Dolce & Gabbana creation; in any case, I’ll wait to watch the episode to get a better look at it.

Despite my efforts, identifying what Lily wears is often very hard, especially when it comes to her accessories and jewellery. I know it’s crazy, but I spent a whole evening trying to identify the black cuff bracelet with stones that you can see in the picture above. The result? Nothing! My only guess is that it could be a piece by Isharya (I focused on the way in which stones are inlaid), but I still haven’t found any evidence of it. This is so frustrating!

Before closing the post, here is another beautiful shot from the set. In this case, Kelly is wearing a gorgeous pair of black riding boots (one of her passions), replacing the patent pumps she wore while filming the scene. I love these boots and I think they look so good with this outfit.

My friend Tibi was great in identifying these boots for me: they’re the Ecuyer boots by Aigle, beautiful rain boots made of rubber, but they actually look like leather boots. Kelly Rutherford herself (OMG, I still cannot believe it) confirmed Tibi’s guess on Twitter. Yay!

What do you think of her outfit? Any ideas for the plot of the upcoming episodes?




  1. A me quelli sembrano i classici stivali da equitazione in gomma,non in pelle.
    Oramai anche questo tipo di stivali,scomodi in una maniera particolare,hanno abbandonato le scuderie per finire indossati ogni giorno.
    Sai la cosa curiosa? Chi come me indossa questo tipo di abbigliamento praticamente in tutto il tempo libero per andare a cavallo si sente ridicolo e inadeguato ad indossare certi accessori o addirittura capi anche in città …difficilmente vedrai mai un’amazzone indossare stivali come quelli sopra con gonna e cappotto.

  2. Potrebbero essere proprio loro,la finitura un po’ glossy poi sembra proprio la stessa…

    Certo che hai delle amiche portentose.

    1. Kelly Rutherford in persona (♥) ha appena confermato su Twitter che l’ipotesi della mia amica è corretta 🙂 I suoi stivali sono proprio il modello Ecuyer di Aigle.

  3. Fantastico twitter!
    Certo a questo punto non avresti voglia di sapere direttamente dalla gentile Kelly un milione di altre cose?…io siiiii.

    1. Certo che vorrei! Ho provato a farle un paio di domande in passato ma non ha mai risposto. Ha pero’ spiegato che non si ricorda i dettagli di quello che indossa in Gossip Girl. A me pare inconcepibile ma a quanto pare e’ così! Non e’ un caso che abbia risposto stavolta, visto che si parlava non di abiti/accessori di scena.

  4. It’s lovely to finally come across a blog which focuses on Lilly from GG! I’m thinking of starting a blog purely focusing on Lilly (and Kelly’s!) style and wondered if you would be interested in helping me?

    I couldn’t find an email address for you, so if you want to contact me, please email me at


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