Let’s Get the Hell Out of Here!

It’s been a while since I last devoted a guessing game to houses in movies. This is a theme which never fails to fascinate me, because houses often speak of their owners, and this is so much true in a fictional context. If you want to play this game, I’m giving you just a clue: most of the screencaps are taken from movies, but there’s one which is not. Good luck, everybody, and enjoy this FGG.

Even if today I’m not feeling well, I decided to tape a video solution to show you something related to the guessing game (watch the video and you’ll see what I’m referring to) and my manicure. When it comes to the results of the game, the absolute winners are Diego, Lorenzo, Andrea and friends, who guessed 8 pictures right! Oh, well, you totally rule this game ♥



  1. Per il momento ti dico quelli che ho riconosciuto subito (almeno spero), poi vediamo 🙂

    1. 10 things I hate about you (Heath Ledger <3)
    4. Chidren of the Corn
    5. Fight Club (la casa di Tyler su Paper Street)
    9. Annie Hall (la casa sotto le montagne russe del Luna Park 😀 )

  2. This time I’m really clueless! The screenshots are familiar to me but I can’t remember which movie they belong.
    Maybe the first picture is from Little Children?

  3. Ecco le nostre risposte! Da parte di Lorenzo, Uzzo, Andrea and friends!

    1.10 cose che odio te
    2. A perfect world
    4.Children of the Corn – Grano rosso sangue
    5.Fight club
    6.Nat e il segreto di Eleonora
    7.Never Let Me Go
    9.Annie Hall
    10.American History X

    1. 1. Sì
      2. No
      3. Certo! Dovete però spiegarmi come avete fatto ad indovinarla!
      4. Sì
      5. Sì
      6. Sì
      7. Sì
      9. Sì
      10. Sì

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