From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.17 – The Princess Dowry)

If you are regular readers of my Gossip Girl posts, you know I’ve been watching the 5th season complaining but hoping, complaining again but still hoping for an improvement in the story-line. The Louis/Blair plot has brought some excitement, and the same can be said for the Charlie/Ivy plot, but something really sensational was still missing. We got a taste of proper drama in last week’s episode, but it was just a preparation for The Princess Dowry, which has become one of my favourite episodes of the whole tv series. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage surely wanted to give the audience a special episode before a 4-week hiatus and I think their mission has been accomplished.

As for my favourite character, she’s got a lot of screen time: the departure of Cece has turned Lily into the matriarch of the Rhodes/Van der Woodsen family and I hope this will give her a more central role in the upcoming episodes. In the opening scene, she’s visiting Frank E. Campbell, a famous funeral house in Madison Avenue, to arrange her mother’s funeral, just to find out that Cece decided all the details of her wake, which is actually taking place in Lily’s apartment. The presence of Carol, Lily’s greedy sister, makes everything more complicated and kind of snappy (the two sisters discuss a lot).

In this scene, she’s wearing a mourning outfit – a black coat and a mink scarf.

Besides two diamond rings, the only accessory she sports is an envelope clutch with metal clasp.

When she arrives home, she realizes that Cece asked for (and got) a proper Irish wake, with many attendants, plenty of drinks and music. The scarf she sports in these two scenes is an item she’s already worn: it was first spotted in The Kids Stay in the Picture, an episode from the 4th season. You may remember it’s a creation by Ralph Lauren.

As it often happens in this tv show, social events (parties, weddings or funerals) are just a way to introduce drama, and this is the case of Cece’s wake. Besides finding out that William Van der Woodsen is Charlie’s biological father (boom!) and that Cece left almost all her possessions to Ivy [2] (second boom!), we learn that Jack, Chuck’s hideous uncle, was the one who saved his life just after the car accident he had had with Blair. There’s enough to blow your mind, but it’s not over yet.

In the scene where Lily and Chuck have a conversation, her outfit is visible: she’s wearing a sleeveless black lace sheath dress, accessorized with diamond stud earrings and a stunning crystal chandelier necklace.

Lily often wears statement necklaces and this is certainly the case. Her necklace is a creation by Sequin NYC for Badgley Mischka: it’s a piece from the Bali spring/summer 2012 collection. The version seen on Lily is made of crystals: it’s beautiful, but I don’t think the black dress underneath enhances it properly. The turquoise or pale coral versions would have been perfect.

Her dress is obviously a creation by Dolce & Gabbana, who can do black lace sheath dresses like no other. This is a very classic model, totally in tune with Lily’s style and event-appropriate. I love this lace pattern and the scalloped hem. The scene where the screencap above has been taken from is so hilarious: at the end of the wake, Lily is with Rufus, sipping the nth champagne flute of the day, when Ivy tells them she’s the owner of the apartment now, and invites them to leave. The face of Lily when she realizes she’ll be heading to Brooklyn is invaluable.

I know many of you are fans of Lily’s hairdos, so here is a screencap showing the one she sported in this episode. It’s a nice take on her trademark messy bun, embellished by a black bow. Probably you remember that she had a similar updo (bow included) in It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World, an episode from the 3rd season.

The picture above is a candid from the set: here we can get an excellent view of her shoes, a pair of Christian Louboutin Decoltissimo patent pumps. Thanks to the lovely Elise for helping me to identify the exact style of these shoes.

After dropping many bombs during Cece’s wake, we’re given another one in the very last scene. The romance between Blair and Dan has been criticised by 90% of Gossip Girl fans, those who think the only possible couple is Chuck and Blair, something we’ve been given since the 1st season. I used to love them, but he’s proven to be a possessive manipulator, who probably wants to be with Blair because he doesn’t want her to be with anybody else. I don’t know the future of this new couple, but I’m glad the audience has finally been given something different and funny.

I hope you’ll forgive my teenage-like enthusiasm, but I literally rejoiced when I saw Blair going to Brooklyn to set matters straight with Lonely Boy and to express her feelings for him. Awwww, is there anything more romantic than a couple that has just bloomed? ♥ Now we’re having 4 (yes, 4!) weeks of hiatus, but I think we’ve been given so much to discuss about! What do you think will come next?

[1] The title is taken from The Princess Diaries (2001) by Garry Marshall, a comedy starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews.

[2] William says Cece left everything to Ivy Dickens. This means she perfectly knew about the girl’s real identity.

Source, source and source.



  1. Gran bella puntata!,e detto da una fan chair come me ha un certo peso;)
    Bello l’acido ritratto upper class uscito dalla puntata,annaspante confusa e a un passo dall’alcolismo la ns Lily.
    Bello e affascinante il pizzo sulla scienza di Lily mentre insinua in Chuck il dubbio che forse c’è amore e famiglia anche per lui.
    Bello il contrasto fra il colore metallico del trench Burberry di Giorgina e i suoi occhi.
    Bello il finale romantico,perché l’amore è sempre amore,e poi é solo una fase…

    …ma l’appartamento non era di Bart Bass?.

    1. “A un passo dall’alcolismo”: parole sante! Per quasi tutta la puntata la si è vista con il bicchiere in mano, ma penso sia una tradizione di famiglia 😉

      Ah, quel trench color bronzo su Georgina era favoloso! Per non parlare del suo make-up. Cat’s eyes perfetti ♥

      Hahahaha, dici che sia solo una fase? Secondo me, Chuck dovrebbe capire chi è esattamente, e poi, semmai, tornare con Blair. Pareva avesse trovato la sua strada a Parigi, con Eva (che a me piaceva molto), e sembrava effettivamente cambiato, ma alla fine siamo tornati alle solite (più o meno).

      Sì, anche io ho pensato la stessa cosa! Mah, secondo me hanno cambiato le cose giusto per allacciarsi alla vicenda di Ivy.

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