From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.16 – Cross Rhodes)

After Valentine’s Day episode, love is still in the air at Gossip Girl! A new couple has just bloomed and it feels like I’ve been waiting five seasons for Blair and Dan to happen [1]. Most people don’t agree with me (as shown by the ratings of the last episodes), but I don’t care. I think the tv show really needs a turning point, even if this means going against the audience’s wish. I mean: ratings are extremely important, but you can’t always give people what they want, right?

Besides that, Cross Rhodes [2] was filled with drama and a major show-down. Cece’s sudden death and the discovery of Charlie’s real identity have given the story an unexpected but necessary turn. I’m sad that the authors decided to take Cece out of scene, but this will surely mean more space and responsibility for Lily. Moreover, the presence of both Ivy and Charlie in New York and the former teaming up with Georgina Sparks, will mean trouble.

As for Lily, in this episode she only sports one outfit – a monochrome ensemble which includes a dove grey cardigan and matching skinny jeans.

The first scene where she appears is set in her living room, where’s she’s sitting with Serena and Carol. Even though Serena is distracted by the thought of Dan and Blair, they chat and drink tea without any worry.

I’ve never focused on Lily’s manicures, because she sports nude nails most of the time, but this time I couldn’t help but notice her red hot nails, which beautifully contrast with the neutral outfit. In the screencap above, we can see she’s drinking tea from her favourite tea cup (do you remember her trademark white China set with gold borders?).

Her jewellery includes a gorgeous crystal dome ring, diamond earrings and a silver necklace.

Later in the episode, we find the Rhodes sisters, Serena and Charlie/Ivy at the hospital, where Cece has been admitted to. Here we get a rare full-figure shot of Lily, who shows her enviably slim figure, emphasized by her skinny jeans. She’s worn jeans many times in the show, but she usually opted for flared styles.

She wears jeans by a very trendy brand – DL1961: the exact model is Angel and the colour is Brook, a very light grey. Thanks to my friend (and Gossip Girl fan) Tibi for identifying these jeans for me.

We can also see her necklace in detail. It’s a piece by RichRocks: it’s made of silver chain with a diamanté fringed central ornament.

Last but not least, this time we can also see what shoes she’s wearing. Red soles can only mean Louboutin! Her pumps are made of grey patent leather but identifying the exact style is impossible! They could be the Pigalles, or the Ron Rons (styles she’s already worn), but I’m not sure.

What are your opinions about this episode? What do you think will happen now, with many relations put at stake?

[1] I totally support them because they look like a couple of grown-ups, who don’t need to hear the other say “I love you” all the time, just maybe to convince themselves their feelings are real! I don’t know if this is destined to last more than a couple of episodes, but I hope the authors finally decide to give this couple a chance. If you are Tumblr users, please follow Pure and Simple Love, a page filled with lovely gifs of Dan and Blair ♥

[2] The title of this episode could have been inspired by Crossroads (1986) by Walter Hill, a mystery drama starring Ralph Macchio and Jami Gertz, or by Crossroads (2002) by Tamra Davis, a comedy starring Britney Spears, Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning. Out of curiosity: Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, wrote the movie starring Britney.



  1. Quanto mi è piaciuta Lily in questo outfit,solo in jeans e cardigan,ma estremamente di
    Chair forever.
    Ma sai perché ? Perché tanto anche Dan nasconde atti meschini dietro un’apparenza ben diversa,a questo punto meglio il cavaliere oscuro,almeno é innamorato veramente,da sempre,a modo suo ai limiti dell’ossesione ma é innamorato.
    Apprezzo comunque questo nuova coppia in divenire,che poi sfocerà in dramma appena B capirà la verità su Dan.

    1. Non sono d’accordo. La storia tra Blair e Chuck va avanti da stagioni intere, ma non sono mai riusciti ad arrivare ad una vera conclusione. Il problema è che ormai il loro non è nemmeno più un “amore malato” ed ossessivo, è semplicemente voglia di possesso (da parte di Chuck, della serie “o sei mia o di nessuno”) e paura di un vero cambiamento (da parte di Blair). Se dovessimo mettere insieme tutte le cattiverie che Chuck ha fatto a Blair in questi anni (qui alcune), è chiaro come non siano lontanamente paragonabili a quello che ha fatto Dan. Anche io ho sempre sostenuto la coppia C&B, ma ora come ora si è arenata e non so come potrebbero rimetterla in sesto. I loro tira-e-molla sono andati avanti per troppo tempo, il risultato è che non sono più credibili o sexy o divertenti.

  2. Credibili non lo sono più questo é vero,ma tutto lo show oramai ha già fatto il salto dello squalo…da un po’.
    Spero che la giovane Lola sia migliore del resto della sua famiglia e che con Nate si possa vedere un po’ di amore fiabesco e sincero.Adoro il lieto fine.

    1. Lola è carina, ma la vedo già un po’ “shady”, come il resto del cast d’altronde. Nate è un puro di cuore, però che noia!!! E’ possibile avere un personaggio con un po’ di personalità ma che non sia psicopatico o ossessivo?

  3. Io sono molto favorevole alla coppia Dan e Blair; francamente il classicone Chuck-Blair mi ha parecchio annoiato.
    L’ensemble di Lily in questa puntata mi ha stupito: lei, sempre fasciata in abiti da capogiro di alta sartoria, indossa capi che -marca a parte- ciascuna di noi potenzialmente ha nel proprio armadio!
    Ogni tanto ci sta 🙂

  4. i never believe that i would go for Dan and Blair together, but Chuck and Blair needs a break, they are great together, but they totally need a break, their relationship is bordering into self-catastrophy, instead of bringing out the best of each other, they bring out the worst self.
    as for dan and serena, serena seriously doesn’t know who she wants, lately all she does is want every man walking in earth, when dan was single she didn’t want him now that he wants blair she needs him to be hers, if nate and real-chalie become a couple, she will want nate- wait for it and it will come. serena desperately needs everyone’s attention.
    as for dan and blair, they somehow bring out the best of each other, dan tones down blair’s drama queen and posh attitude, blair makes dan stop whining all the time- and learn a bit or two of fashion, they can be honest with each other, they don’t need to play mind games or seduction games like she needed to do with chuck in order for their relationship to survive, and he brings out the true woman hidden inside her, chuck brings out her immature side.
    don’t u agree?

  5. 🙂 oh you know that i always write down my thoughts on your posts, i was just using another nickname, now i have a wordpress account so i can comment properly.
    we’talked before, i comment on each and every lily post.
    i was thefashiongirl or something

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