Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice (Season 2) – Blind Auditions, Round 1

Last April I was super-excited: after much drama related to her divorce, Christina Aguilera was finally back with a brand-new role in the world of entertainment. After putting herself to the test with acting, she made her debut as one of the vocal coaches at The Voice, a programme aired by NBC which quickly became very successful. Some months later, the second season of the show has just made its debut: it was aired yesterday, after the Superbowl, so here I am with a report about what Christina wore.

Last year, the first post I wrote about this programme was centered around an enigma: I wasn’t able to identify the earrings Christina was wearing. Later, I fortunately succeeded, but history is repeating: I’ve tried anything to identify these multi-hoop earrings, but no results. I’ll hopefully be luckier with what she’ll wear in the next episodes.

I hate not being 100% sure of my ids, but this time it was really hard to say more about this dress. Christina is apparently back to her old habit of wearing black dresses: she wore a lovely pencil dress with plunging neckline and 3/4 sleeves. I realized this could be (a shorter version of) a creation by Alexander McQueen from this screencap, where the fabric really looks like silk. Sorry but this is just a guess, I hope I got it right!

She chinched her waist with a belt she already wore last November, when she taped a performance for the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade. It’s a leather belt with silver appliqués by Alexander McQueen.

I couldn’t get any good full-figure picture of her, but from the one above I can assume she was wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin Daffodil pumps. The red sole is visible and the line of the shoe makes me think of this specific style by Louboutin. I really hate these shoes – they’re similar to horse hooves, in my opinion – but they’ve inexplicably become one of the most popular styles among celebrities, so no wonder that Christina wanted them to be part of her huge Louboutin collection.

The jewellery department was super-busy: the most notable piece was the famous XTINA knuckle duster, a custom-made piece by Stephen Webster that she first wore at the MTV Movie Awards in 2010.

She sported the same ring in some backstage images aired during the show. In this case, she was also wearing a skull necklace and Loree Rodkin chain necklaces, which definitely reinforced her piratess mood (see the scarf she wore on her head).

On the other hand, she wore four rings, another set created by Stephen Webster. She debuted this combination at the MTV Movie Awards in 2010. She wore a Rockstud ring and a bullet ring with central ruby and diamonds from the Crystal Haze collection. The other two rings included one with diamond pavé and other with a skull and a crown, encrusted with white and black diamonds. She also wore two diamond necklaces (one with pendant) by Loree Rodkin.

Last but not least, here are some details about her make-up: she’s a fan of the classic smokey eye look, but this time she opted for something a little bit different – a smokey eye with gold and brown shades. She sported her trademark red lips and rosy cheeks. I’m still convinced her hair desperately needs some changes, but she looked cute with the hair swept on one side.

Source, source and source.



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