From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.13 – G.G.)

Schwartz and Savage, the creators of Gossip Girl, surely know how to impress. After a nice season start and a progressively boring plot, drama has finally struck back, just in time for the 100th episode. G.G. is all about Blair, who’s ready to marry her prince, but it’s also the excuse to bring old characters back (thank God for Georgina, because she always means trouble) and to introduce new ones (the real Charlie Rhodes, who will presumably fall in love with Nate). I’m really sick and tired of the shilly-shally between Blair and Chuck, but I hope the dream sequence at the beginning of the episode and the last scene are bringing the story on a different direction.

As for Lily, she only appeared at the wedding ceremony, but the outfit she sported is one of the best I’ve ever seen on her. She’s usually refined and classy, but this time she really surpassed herself.

The etiquette says you shouldn’t dress in light colours when you attend a wedding, but Lily clearly didn’t care and wore a lovely cream/ivory pleated dress, pairing it with matching accessories. Despite their short appearance, Rufus and Lily have quite an important role in the plot, because they’re the ones who discover Georgina has crashed the wedding and try to make her leave.

We usually don’t get full-figure shots of Lily, but this time her shoes are half-visible: she wore golden pumps, which beautifully compliment her lovely Dolce & Gabbana dress. The dress is made of a brocade-like fabric and has a nice pleated skirt; it’s accented by a crystal belt at the waist and kind of reminds me of the green brocade dress she wore in Memoirs of an Invisible Dan,  minus the girly vibe.

Her white leather clutch is a creation by Michelle Monroe, aptly called Audrey: the gold metal edges and clasp are embellished with Swarovski crystals.

I’m glad she didn’t over-accessorize such a beautiful dress and I’m also glad she picked a Philip Treacy hat to complete her outfit. She was not the only character who wore Treacy creations in this episode (Georgina wore a hat  in sinamay with feather spray and rosette, while Princess Sophie wore a mini pill-box hat in parisisal with buntal bow), but she was the one who really looked sensational. She wore a hat made of buntal with buntal wrap and loop bow (this detail screams “Philip Treacy” to me). While trying to identify this piece, I had a feeling it was a Treacy design, but thanks to the brand’s super-kind pr office I realized my guess was right.

The jewellery department included a simple diamond bracelet and diamond flower earrings with pearl pendants.

This time she didn’t sport her trademark updo with messy bun, but opted for a gorgeous updo with twisted locks.

Now that Blair has tied the knot with the Wicked Prince (the scene where he tells her their wedding is just a sham was heartbreaking) and has escaped from him, what do you think will happen? Will they officially split up or will she accept her official princess role, pretending to be happy with her husband? What about Serena? Now that she’s expressed her feelings for Dan (again!), will she finally fulfil her romantic dreams? And Georgina? Are you really buying the fact that she’s Gossip Girl?

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One comment

  1. Splendida Lily in questa puntata,veramente l’unico personaggio femminile che si faceva piacevolmente guardare,acconciatura superlativa e outfit perfetto per la circostanza.
    Per il resto,ho rimpianto il matrimonio lily/Bart in tutto,outfit degli invitati e della sposa compresi ( e anche location perché il Palace e’ tutta un’altra cosa…).
    No al terrificante vestito di Eleonor,fatto apposta per evidenziare quello che era meglio nascondere,no al vestito della sposa con quel fiocco in vita informe come i suoi capelli,troppo satin ovunque che mi ha dato la nausea.
    Per fortuna oltre a Lily ho piacevolmente goduto dell’ironia di Giorgina e del patrigno di Blair,del giro di danza di Blair con il principe,uno dei dialoghi più belli di tutti questi anni di show,e di Chuck che in questa puntata aveva un completo impeccabile.
    Ahh dimenticavo il mio personaggio preferito oramai e’ deciso: Arthur,lavora di continuo risponde sempre agli ordini,da quello specchietto ne ha viste di ogni tipo,e l’unica volta che c’è stato un incidente non guidava lui!:).

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