From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.12 – Father and the Bride)

Forgive me if I’m posting my thoughts about the latest episode of Gossip Girl only today, but I’ve had a very hard week, working at school and then at home with my translations for Now I can finally relax and give you some details about what my favourite character wore in Father and the Bride [1]. After the disappointing snoozefest in last week’s episode, I must admit I was a bit worried, but luckily things went in a different way. This tv show has completely derailed, this is clear, since it has become more and more unbelievable and less and less exciting. In any case, call it my guilty pleasure, but I just can’t stop watching it.  Now that Louis and Blair’s wedding is coming, some shady characters (Beatrice Grimaldi, Louis’ sister, and Father Cavalia) are back and this has brought a much needed dose of drama to the story. At the end of the episode, the priest and Chuck team up and we know this alliance will cause trouble!

As for Lily, she made a short appearance during one of the most pathetic scenes ever: Serena is about to launch her own gossip column on the Spectator (S by S… please, is the title of the column a joke?); some photographers gather to take pictures of her holding an iPad (lol), but something goes wrong because Nate has decided to kill the column. Lily and Rufus are there just to support Serena, and this time they have no part in the plot.

In this scene, Lily was wearing black pants, a black and grey sweater and a black vest. This is quite a basic outfit, very event-appropriate.

Here is a picture of Kelly Rutherford on the set, where the vest is visible in detail. It’s quite long and has a leather insert. In the episode, we cannot see her shoes, but in the picture above she was wearing simple black pumps.

Both the vest and the sweater are by Lisa Perry, a designer whose creations have already appeared on Lily. You probably remember she wore a cashmere circle sweater and wide pants, a white coat and duffel bag (all by Lisa Perry) in Empire of the Son, an episode of the 4th season. Many thanks to Tibi and Laura, who helped me to identify this outfit in detail.

It’s clear she will never carry Hermés bags in the show again (which is a pity), but I’m quite satisfied with the bags she’s been carrying lately – in this case, a Miss Dior bag in black, with silver chain and the classic Cannage quilting.

She also wore a beautiful graduated lucite ball necklace by Amanda Pearl, which gave a nice glamourous touch to the outfit.

In the screencap above, her trademark updo is visible. Ok, in this episode we have been given nothing special from her, but next week, with Blair’s wedding, I’m sure our thirst for impressive outfits will be quenched.

Before closing, just some opinions about the episode, which was directed by Amy Heckerling, who directed Clueless in 1995. I’m pretty sure Heckerling, Stephanie Savage, Josh Schwartz and Peter Elkoff went through a Sex and the City marathon before writing and directing Father and the Bride, because it’s packed with references to the famous tv show by Michael Patrick King. The central event of this episode is Blair’s bachelorette party at Panchito’s, which is definitely a weird location for a Blair party. The atmosphere at the party totally reminds me of two Sex and the City episodes – Where There’s Smoke (3×01), when the girls go to Staten Island to watch and judge the New York City Fire Department’s Calendar Contest, and The Post-It Always Sticks Twice (6×07), when the girls spend a night out and meet a girl who is celebrating her bachelorette party in a bar. In that same episode, Carrie gets busted while smoking pot, and the same happens to Blair.

Do you think it was a homage to the series or just a coincidence?

[1] The title of the episode refers to a comedy by Vincente Minnelli, Father of the Bride (1950), starring Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett and a young Elizabeth Taylor. In 1991 Charles Shyer released a remake of the movie: in this case, the protagonists were Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

Source and source.



    1. That’s right! She wore a Stephen Dweck lucite necklace in Easy J, in the 4th season.
      At first I thought here she was wearing that necklace, but this one is a bit different (it has a chiffon ribbon as closure, and not a toggle closure).

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