Oui, Je Suis Une NARS-issist!

In a few weeks the fall/winter 2012/2013 collections will be presented all around the world – from New York to Paris – but in the meantime, make-up brands are introducing their spring 2012 collections. As a make-up junkie, you may realize why I feel a thrill of excitement any time I hear about the launch of a new set of shades. My beauty routine is pretty simple, when it comes to make-up and skin care, but I like trying new shades, even if I end up wearing black eyeliner, peachy-pink blush and red lipstick all the time. If you are regular readers of this blog, I’m sure you know I’m not simply a make-up junkie: I’m a NARS-issist, too, totally devoted to the brand founded by François Nars. Their spring 2012 collection has just been presented, so let’s take a look at what’s new.

The most evident change from the previous collection is the testimonial. Ginta Lapina, a 23-year-old model from Latvia, has been chosen as the new face of the make-up brand [1]. She looks gorgeous in the advertising campaign, shot, as usual, by François Nars himself: her blonde hair and blue eyes beautifully contrast with her tanned skin, emerald pink bracelet and pink (latex?) dress (or is it a swimsuit?). I totally agree with this choice, but I’m a bit sad as well, because I think Mariacarla Boscono was perfect as the face of this brand.

The collection appears to be made of a bright and strong set of colours, combining – as usual – different textures and effects. I love how warm tones are juxtaposed to cool tones, and I also like the fact that matte products (the bright pink blush, for example) are paired to subtly shimmering shades (I’m thinking of the eyeshadows). As for the nail polish, it reminds me of Deborah Lippmann’s Purple Rain, but I’d like to see some swatches to compare them.

The collection includes an eyeshadow trio, Douce France (shimmery icy pink, shimmery rose-petal pink and matte deep rose), an eyeshadow duo, Paramaribo (brass and bronze) and a single eyeshadow, Lhasa (shimmery lavender-grey). Moreover, we can find a blush, Gaiety, a bright candy-pink which actually reminds me of Desire; a lipstick, Bilbao (shimmering topaz), and a pure matte lipstick, Valparaiso, rich raspberry. The collection is completed by a Soft Touch shadow pencil in Dark Rite (navy blue) and a Velvet Gloss lip pencil in Mexican Rose, a gorgeous hot pink. Last but not least, Diamond Life, a metallic violet nail polish which looks very interesting in the bottle. Temptalia’s Christine did a nice video review of the collection, except for the nail polish.

I quite like the collection because it beautifully balances pink tones and darker shades, with unexpected pop of contrasting colours. I don’t think I would wear most of these items, though: I am currently lemming Bilbao because I’m always on the hunt of new *perfect* nude lip colours [2] and I wouldn’t mind trying Valparaiso, even if I don’t like pink-based shades.

In addition to those, I’m looking forward to trying Red Square, a velvet matte lip pencil which has been in my wish list for ages. I haven’t bought it so far because it’s an orange-based red and I’m not sure it suits my olive complexion. On the other hand, it’s true that the velvet matte lip pencils I already have – Cruella and Dragon Girl – are among the most perfect red shades ever, so maybe it’s time to give a different colour a try.

What are your favourite items of this collection? Are you planning to buy something from it?

[1] The model was the face of Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics for the fall 2010.

[2] I’m happy with Little Darling and Blonde Venus, which I think are the most flattering NARS nude colours, but finding out some other flattering shades wouldn’t be bad.



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