What I Feel Like Is Gloria Effing Swanson

I’m sure this theme – tv sets/monitors in movies – will surprise you. As you know, I haven’t watched tv since 2008 and I have no intention to stop: I hate Italian television and most of its programmes, but televisions in movies have always had a special charm to me. Maybe it’s just a question of metacinema (a movie in a movie), but someone watching television in a movie always stirs something in me. I know this Friday Guessing Game is not easy at all, but focusing on what is on these monitors and televisions can really help you to identify the movies. I hope you’ll enjoy it! Share the love ♥

No video solution this week, I’m sorry, but you can see the solution of the guessing game in the picture above. Some of the screencaps were really difficult to identify, but I think others were a little bit easier, because what is on the tv can help you. The winners are – again – Lorenzo and his friends, who guessed 3 movies right. Guys, you know you can do better than this, but this game was actually hard.



  1. Uff, sono proprio una schiappa, non riesco a riconoscere nemmeno mezzo film! Però questo giochino ormai è un appuntamento fisso e anche se non riesco mi piace mettermi alla prova… 😉

  2. If I’m not wrong (I am seriously doubting my abilities lately) the last picture comes from The Royal Tenenbaums, and it’s Richie’s last match, which he loses miserably because he’s devastated by Margot’s recent wedding. Did you know one of the commentators (the guy that goes “actually, I think he’s crying”) is thought to be Wes Anderson himself?

    1. Of course it’s correct! I know that The Royal Tenenbaums is one of your favourite movies, so I was 100% you would guess this right!

      Exactly: this is the video of Richie’s last match.

      Yes, I knew about Wes Anderson’s role as a commentator. I like when directors step out of the camera and somehow “enter” the movie.

    1. 2. Sì
      4. Sì (e avevi beccato anche il film nel film ;))
      6. No
      9. Certo

      Ma come? Non avete riconosciuto The Royal Tenenbaums? E Garage Olimpo? E Oltre il Giardino? Ad ogni modo, ammetto la difficoltà.

  3. Anche se non ho raggiunto la sufficienza sono lo stesso contenta del risultato: questa volta pensavo di non saperne nemmeno una. : )

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