From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.11 – The End of the Affair?)

Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage surely know how to waste a treasure. They left us in December with one of the greatest cliffhangers ever, just to come back in January with one of the worst episodes ever. I mean, are they kidding? How can they think the audience can appreciate such a bland episode as The End of the Affair? [1]. I just don’t understand what has happened and the direction they want to give Gossip Girl. Blair is the ghost of the Queen B we’ve seen in the first seasons (the religious reason behind her decision to marry Louis is beyond ridiculous); her love story with Chuck is stale and pointless, not to mention the possibility that Serena and Dan could be back together (ok, they were pretending at the most depressing New Year’s Eve party ever, but it’s clear Serena still likes him). And the storyline of Charlie? That could be another great thing, but it’s like they bombed it, too. Too bad rumors say that there will be another season after this one; I mean, it would be like beating a dead horse…

Despite all my disappointment, I keep on watching it because I’m kind of attached to the characters and because I need my weekly dose of Upper East Side glamour from Lily. In this episode, she only sports one outfit, very chic and very much in her style.

In the opening scene, Lily and Rufus are sitting on the couch in their living room and chatting about Jenny (who’s in London, partying with Alexa Chung – I don’t even want to comment on that) and Eric. Lily is still thinking of Charlie, who ran away after Blair and Chuck’s car crash, apparently without a reason. In this screencap, we can see she’s wearing a white dress with a floral black print and yellow accents, paired with a short black cardigan, black tights and matching pumps.

Her adorable eyeglasses can’t be missing. As usual, she’s wearing her trusty Theo San Francisco frames.

This time, she keeps the jewellery department extremely simple: she’s wearing only a pair of earrings – Ippolita large teardrop earrings in Smoky Quartz, a lovely “neutral” style which perfectly completes her basic outfit.

Later in the episode, we learn more about Charlie. Lily has asked her private eye to gather information about her. It seems Charlie is still in New York, so Lily will sneak from her New Year’s Eve party to go and look for her. Oh, a nice detail about the party, which is actually a karaoke session with Rufus. When Lily said “Will you hate me if I sing Miss World again?”, I swear my heart leapt up, since that song by Hole is one of my personal anthems from the 90’s, so it’s nice to imagine her singing one of my favourite songs. In the screencap above, we can see she’s also wearing a thin belt on her dress and we can also get a better view of the dress itself – with asymmetrical skirt and shawl collar.

Lily’s private detective told her that a Charlotte Rhodes is enrolled at Juilliard: that’s where Rufus finds his wife, who doesn’t know if approaching her or not. When they see a girl resembling Charlie (or should I say Ivy?) walking by, they call her name out but of course the girl doesn’t know them. Rufus and Lily realize the private detective has tracked the wrong person down and leave. Later in the episode, we get to know that this Charlie (but everybody calls her Lola) is the real Charlotte Rhodes, not an impostor. In this scene, Lily is sporting a blue coat with shawl collar. We rarely see her wearing outerwear, but this item is perfectly in tune with her style.

Here is a close-up on the shawl collar.

When Rufus arrives at Juilliard, we see that Lily is carrying a grey crocodile bag. I immediately identified it as a Nancy Gonzalez bag, but it took me some time to find more information about this style.

Here it is: it’s an adorable shopper bag with top handles, made of crocodile skin. This is not the first time we see a Nancy Gonzalez bag on Lily [2], but it’s still an unusual choice, since she doesn’t carry bags in exotic leathers often. I like the grey shade of her bag, because it’s classic, very refined.

We usually don’t get full-figure shots of Lily but when Rufus and she leave Juilliard, we can get a glimpse of her shoes. A flash of red on the soles means Louboutin and thick heels mean Miss Tack pumps, a style Lily has sported since the first seasons. Even if I’m a fan of Loubotin sexiest and highest heels, I would never buy shoes with sky-high heels, but I would surely opt for something like Miss Tack pumps, which are still sexy (in a demure way ;)) and chic, and I bet they’re definitely easier to walk in.

I usually don’t comment on the other characters but don’t you think the scene of the wedding dress fitting at Vera Wang resembles a similar scene seen in the first season?

Awww, those were the times, when Lily was about to get married to Bart and Rufus wanted to express his love for her. I still love the scene set at Vera Wang’s atelier, it’s one of my favourite of the whole series. In Blair and Dan’s case, the romantic tension is not present, but who knows?

I have no expectations for the upcoming episodes. Pictures of Blair walking the aisle can be found online, but I’m not sure I want to know more about the plot, because maybe I’m still hoping it goes back on track. My wish? I’d love to see Blair and Dan finally together, because the tv show really needs a turning point which doesn’t include Chuck next to Blair. What about you? And what are your opinions about Lily’s outfit in this episode?

[1] The title of this episode is a homage to a 1999 movie by Neil Jordan, based on a Graham Greene novel, starring Julianne Moore and Ralph Fiennes.

[2] She carried a purple crocodile handbag in Seder Anything (2×21).



  1. Io pretendo rispetto.Pretendo rispetto dagli autori di GG,che probabillmente sono troppo concentrati a pensare ad immaginare la vita di Carrie nei suoi diari.
    Caspita nonostante i miei 33 anni suonati mi sono appassionata a questo show e cosa mi tocca vedere?.
    Vabbè cara Superqueen,sai quale è la consolazione? che ogni telespettatore GG ha scoperto di fare feste l’ultimo dell’anno molto più glam di quelle dei super ricchi dell’upper east side.

    1. Hai pienamente ragione. Gli autori si stanno già preparando a Carrie’s Diaries. Spero solo che non scelgano Blake Lively come protagonista…

      Puntata terribile, al limite del ridicolo (in certi punti, ridicola lo è stata davvero). Non so che dire… E sai quale è la cosa peggiore? Molto probabilmente ci sarà una sesta (e ultima) serie, quindi immagino ci sarà ancora molto da scavare per toccare il fondo. Lo ammetto: se non fosse per i post che scrivo su Lily, avrei smesso di guardarlo da un pezzo.

  2. Mi accodo: è veramente una serie pessima. La guardo solo per i tuoi post e perché appunto è talmente scritta male da essere divertente. Alla fine sono un sentimentale e mi ci sono affezionato. Mi piace molto la pubblicità occulta che neanche nei Ragazzi della terza C era così sbandierata. Comunque secondo me Blair (che assieme a Lily e forse Dorota è l’unico personaggio simpatico o almeno tollerabile della serie) ritona con Chuck (la menano un po’ troppo con questo ritrovarsi e abbandonarsi) e Dan con Serena (tra insipidi ci si ritrova) e il principe (uno degli attori più sbagliati della serie) se ne torna a casa che più che Monaco sembrerebbe Pittsburgh. Secondo me Ivy/Charlie potrebbe ritornare e magari si mette con Nate (altro grande insipido della serie, quasi al pari del marito di Lily).

    1. Ah, dici che finirà così? Praticamente come è iniziato? Chuck/Blair e Dan/Serena? Beh, visto la pessima deriva che ha preso, potrebbe essere un’eventualità non così peregrina. Che tristezza, però! Le prime due serie, secondo me, ci hanno illuso e guarda invece cosa è rimasto: una trama inesistente e inconsistente, e dei personaggi che sembrano dei cartonati (vedi Nate) o ombre di loro stessi (vedi Blair).

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