Just Forget You Ever Saw It. It’s Better That Way.

My Christmas holidays are coming to an end, but the Friday Guessing Game is going strong as usual. This is the first game of 2012: I decided to devote it to mirrors, a theme recurring in many movies which has always intrigued me. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I know it wasn’t easy, but I’ve got winners: Lorenzo and his friends! Well done, boys! The third screencap, taken from Repulsion by Roman Polanski, wasn’t easy at all, but you guessed it right! The same can be said for the seventh one – Kim Novak in Pushover by Richard Quine! Awww, I always say that, but I love when my Friday Guessing Game bring people together ♥



  1. Vabbé, la 6 e la 10 sono evidenti, mi rifiuto anche di rispondere 😀
    Ok lo scrivo, Marie Antoniette e Mulholland Drive.
    La prima mi sembra una scena di Edward Scissorhands ma non ne sono sicura (quando lei torna da casa prima e lo trova che dorme sul suo letto ad acqua), e la quattro forse è Natalie Portman?
    Per le altre devo pensarci meglio.

    1. Certo 🙂

      La prima è corretta, la scena è proprio quella che dici tu.
      La quarta no, sorry, non è Natalie Portman.

  2. in grande ritardo ma non volevo perdermi il primo fgg dell’anno. Allora:
    6: Marie Antoinette of course
    7: Kim Novak ma non so il film
    8. Bright Star
    10: Diane Lane in Unfainthful?

    1. 6. Sì
      7. Brava, è proprio lei. Il film è Pushover (Criminale di turno).
      8. Sì
      10. No. Lei è Laura Harring in Mulholland Dr.

  3. Team Pero a rapporto

    2- Il laureato
    3- Repulsion
    4- Agente smart
    6- Marie Antoinette
    7 – Kim Novak in Pushover (1954).
    8- Bright star
    10- Mulholland drive

  4. Hello and happy new year, hope it started nicely for you!!!
    as for the quiz, here are my attempts:
    2- the yellow bathing robe reminds me of Hotel Chevalier but I’m pretty sure it’s not
    4- similarly, the bob reminds me of Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction but I don’t remember this outfit, so I don’t think this is correct either
    6- Marie Antoinette
    8- Bright Star (what a beauty that film is- it’s visual poetry!)
    and finally, I know I’ve seen no.1 but I’ll probably remember it when it’s too late!
    my random guess for this- and I’m sure I’m wrong- is Fassbinder’s in a year of 13 moons…

    1. Thanks! Yes, the new year started nicely! I hope it goes on like this 🙂

      1. No, this one is taken from a much more popular film, Edward Scissorhands.
      2. No, sorry, it’s not
      4. No, she’s not Uma Thurman, but Emily Blunt 😉
      6. Yes
      8. Yes

    1. 4. No (quel caschetto trae in inganno)
      6. Sì
      7. No. Lei è ovviamente Kim Novak, ma il film è di Quine.
      8. Sì
      9. No. Questo è Hundstage.
      10. Certo

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