It’s Time to Vote!

Wanna hear Bjork’s advice? “Vote, vote, voteeeee!”

When I published the post about Miu Miu silver pumps, I was sure that was the very last post of 2011, but then I changed my mind. I don’t like making lists of the best movies/books/ records, because I live in a sort of time bubble, so what I watch/read/listen to are rarely up-to-date. What I’ve decided to do is a little bit different: two polls to choose what you liked most from “Dallo Spazio” in 2011.

This first poll is about recurring themes in the blog, “columns” about specific topics – from my project about feminism to the depiction of mothers in fashion photography, from red carpet events to the Friday Guessing Games.

The second poll is a bit more specific: it was hard to select some posts, but I focused on the most significant. I went through my archive, from January to December, so here you can find this whole year condensed.

The polls will be open all through the Christmas holidays, so you’ve got plenty of time to vote and to read old posts. Have a very merry and safe New Year’s Eve. You know that I love you, guys, so don’t forget to share the love ♥



  1. Voted!
    I want to wish you a great 2012, and thank you for the “You’ve got no reason no to fight” category. I really appreciated every post and your point of view on feminism.
    Go girls!

    1. Thanks for your vote.

      I’m glad you’ve appreciated YGNRNTF 🙂 I’m so proud of this project and I hope I can keep on improving it with more questionaries in the year to come.

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