This Whole House Is Going to Be Full of Romance

I don’t know what your family traditions are when it comes to celebrating Christmas, but mine have always been related to reunions and food. When my sister and I were teenagers, we often spent our Christmas holidays in the South of Italy, where we stayed at my grandparents’. Those were days devoted to spending time with our friends there and our huge extended family – aunts and uncles, grandparents and many many cousins, most of the time all together around a table. Now I spend Christmas with my family, my parents and my parents-in-law, and I kind of miss those epic reunions, when your only care was making it through a fantastic dinner.

Christmas is just 2 days away, so I decided to devote this festive Friday Guessing Game to food. I know it’s pretty difficult, but you know what De Coubertin said: “The most important thing is not to win but to take part!”. So enjoy this game and spend a nice Christmas day with your beloved ones!

Here is the solution. Yes, it wasn’t easy at all, but those who took part into the game were able to identify very difficult screencaps. The winners are Astridula and her friends, who joined forces (and memory). Well done, guys: you guessed six pictures right! Ok, maybe I should have accepted the 8th guess (since there are three movies from The Lord of the Ring saga), but it’s Christmas time, after all, and I don’t want to be too picky. The second best is Ale, who guessed five pictures right! You rock, girl.

This was the last Friday Guessing Game of 2011, so stay tuned for more games to come in 2012!



  1. First of all: Merry Christmas, Super! Have a very peaceful and lonving christmas day with your relatives.

    So, this time I’m really clueless, I Know only the last one:

    Suspicion by Alfred Hitchcock

    1. Merry Christmas to you, even if Christmas has already passed.

      No, I’m sorry: the last one is taken from “Notorious” 😦

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue about the guessing game …
    Anyway, Here I am, because I just to wish to you and all the people you love and care about a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

  3. il gioco è difficile…,molto difficile,l’unica cosa che mi posso spingere a pensare è che quelle ciliegine candite abbiano a che fare con qualche cosa di peccaminoso…

    Tanti cari auguri di Buon Natale e una carezza alla piccola B.

  4. Thinking about the De Cubertin quote, I tried!

    1. The Age of Innocence (that movie is full of great food!)
    4. Wasabi
    6. Misery (Paul Sheldon’s food tray)
    7. Merci pour le chocolat
    8. This smell to me like the Hobbit sausages in The Lord of The Rings (The Fellowship of the Ring) but i’m not sure about the bread around the pan…
    10. Ingrid Bergman in Notorious

    I wish all of you a wonderful xmas time. Enjoy your holidays, hug who you love and eat a lot!
    xoxo Aleale

  5. anche questa volta partecipo grazie agli amici di friendfeed (di alcuni non siamo sicuri ma li scrivo ugualmente): 1) L’età dell’Innocenza 2) Il sesto senso 3) Le relazioni pericolose 4) Il banchetto di nozze 6) Misery non deve morire 7) Grazie per la cioccolata 8) Il signore degli anelli 10) Notorious

    1. 1. Sì
      2. Bravi!!! Questo era difficile
      3. No, ma non siamo molto lontani…
      4. No
      6. Sì
      7. Sì
      8. Sì (potrei chiedervi quale…)
      10. Sììì

  6. the sixth sense? you put the anonimous screencap just before the evil handprint appear?!? wow, i’m glad i’ve never had you as a teacher, you are baaaaad!
    joking, have a wonderful end of the year everyone.

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