You Don’t Say Much But You Get Your Point Across

Not many of you have taken part into this Friday Guessing Game, which was devoted to telephones in movies. I don’t think it was very difficult, but I can understand some screencaps are quite tricky. Here we go with the solution.

Do you love the super-kawaii illustrations above as much as I do? The talented Liza Phoenix from Seattle must be credited for them. As for the winner, I’m glad to announce it’s Raffy! Well done, girl, I’m so proud of you!



  1. Let’s tryyy…

    1. Brokeback Mountain (–> title!)
    2. Sixteen Candles
    4. Get Shorty
    6. Shopgirl
    7. Wayne’s World
    10. St. Elmo’s Fire

  2. Non ne ho azzeccata neanche una! E dire che alla fine sono film che ho visto. Questi preparativi di Natale mi stanno uccidendo, non riesco nemmeno a concentrarmi sul FGG ; )

    p.s. le illustrazioni sono deliziose!

    1. Negli anni ’80 era un film-culto, effettivamente… Io penso di averlo visto al cineforum pomeridiano a scuola (in inglese), non è che mi sia piaciuto un granché.

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