From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.10 – Riding in Town Cars with Boys)

I hope you’ve already watched the 10th episode of Gossip Girl‘s fifth season – Riding in Town Cars with Boys [1] – before reading this post. I always try not to reveal too much about the plot of the episodes by focusing on Lily only, but this time it’s different: it’s a very dramatic episode, surely one of the best of this season, if not of the whole show.

The episode starts with a very familiar scene: breakfast with waffles at the Van der Woodsen/Humphries. Lily and Rufus have breakfast with Dan, Serena and Charlie, who is the it girl of the day: Lily has decided to organize a party to introduce her to New York high society. It seems like the rising of this character is unstoppable, but later in the episode real cracks start appearing on the surface of her apparently safe social status.

In this scene, Lily is sporting a beautiful grey sheath dress, whose long sleeves are embellished with beadings. I really like this dress because it perfectly mirrors her polished style. She completes it with diamond pave drop earrings and a nice necklace made of glass bubble beads and smoky round beads.

She also wears the Appolon ring by Swarovski, embellished by black diamond, jet hematite, jet and satin crystals. Even if I like the outfit, I think there’s too much going on here: if I were her, I would have left the necklace out, because it doesn’t blend with the other pieces of jewellery much.

Later, Lily goes to the Empire Hotel, where the party for Charlie will take place. She has a very moving dialogue with Chuck, who’s still struggling with his feelings for Blair. Lily tries to reassure Chuck and explains she’ll always be there for him: her love for him is unconditional, because she considers him as one of her children. I think we’ll sure learn more about Chuck’s family (Diana has a part in it), but Lily will always remain the real mother figure in his life. In the screencap above, we can see a full-figure shot of Lily, sporting her beautiful sheath dress.

I really like her pave diamond earrings – a simple yet elegant style.

In this scene, she sports a variation of her trademark updo. No braids this time, but a nice and a bit messy hair bow, something we’ve never seen on her before.

The social event of the episode is – as previously mentioned – a party for Charlie. Her social position as a member of the Rhodes family seems settled and firm: Lily keeps on telling her she’s “family” now, so the girl cannot help but living her dream. Behind her sweet appearance, we know that Charlie is a fraud and a cunning social climber: she pretends she’s cool with what is happening to her, but she’s actually terrified by the possibility that Max (or someone else) reveals her secret.

In this scene, Lily wears a beige/gold silk dress with matching pumps and jewellery. It feels like she has sported this outfit many different times with minor variations, but she looks fabulous anyway.

Her dress is a creation by Italian designer Luisa Beccaria: it has a crossing draping on the front which makes it special and not just another ordinary sheath dress.

Now, hold on for a second: there’s a mystery surrounding the ring Lily wears in this scene. In the screencap above, it looks like a gold ring with a tiny pearl on one corner.

A few moments after, the ring appears very different, embellished by a rectangular citrine stone. I guess they changed her ring between takes, who knows why. The other pieces of jewellery she sports here are a chain link necklace made of silver and resin and a pair of crystal earrings.

Many things happen at the party: Blair and Chuck have a secret meeting (organized by Dan, who loves Blair but knows she loves Chuck) at the Empire Hotel and leave together. Charlie has sent a message to Gossip Girl about this meeting, so the paparazzi start following the car of the two lovebirds. That car was supposed to bring Nate to the airport and that car has some mechanical malfunctions (we saw a liquid spot on the ground when it leaves the hotel garage). Someone has sabotaged Nate’s car, but it’s Chuck and Blair who pay the consequences: they have an accident and are rushed to the hospital in critical conditions.

At the hospital, we get a glimpse of another accessory sported by Lily – a nice VBH beige satin clutch with crystal embellishments. This scene is the most dramatic of the episode: Lily learns from the doctors that Chuck’s conditions are desperate (I must admit I got emotional when she exchanged a look with Rufus, just before explaining the situation). Charlie feels guilty for what has happened, because she alerted Gossip Girl, so the accident is partly her fault. She tries to speak the truth with Rufus (she admits she’s a “fraud”), but the news about Chuck’s conditions interrupts her confession, and she leaves.

Now, let me tell you some ideas about what will happen in the next episode, that unfortunately will be aired in January. Chuck won’t die, of course, but I’ve got a feeling that things between Blair and him will change. Blair won’t lose her baby and won’t marry Louis either. Serena still loves Dan. Diana *could* be the real mother of Chuck (she receives a phone call from Jack Bass, who tells her about the car accident). Ivy will burn in hell. The real Charlie will finally appear (hope so).

What do you think of Lily’s outfits in this episode? Do you agree with my ideas about the future development of the plot?

[1] The title of the episode is taken from a romantic movie by Penny Marshall, Riding in Cars with Boys (2001), starring Drew Barrymore.



  1. do you know who makes the dress that lily is wearing in this picture..
    the grey dress with the stones on the sleeves.??

  2. The plot is definitely a lot better this season! And luckily Lily seems to get more air time.
    I adore the grey dress but agree with you: the necklace was too much.
    Too bad we’ll have to wait until January to see what happens!

    1. If I compare the plot of this season to what happened in the 4th season, I can really see an improvement. Now I only hope they don’t ruin everything in the upcoming episodes…

      Yay! I’m glad Lily has got more air time.

  3. I loved this episode! I guess Chuck won’t die as well but I’m not sure about Blair’s baby’s safety even if I still hope she’ll become a mother, it would be good for the plot!

  4. Non so perchè ma Ivy alla fine mi sta simpatica e mi trovo a fare il tifo affinchè non la scoprino, forse perchè è dipinta come “buona”.
    Bellissimi gli abiti di Lily (soprattutto quello grigio) è vero che la collana è troppo, ma in questo tf mi sembra che gli accessori abbondino sempre, anche se probabilmente è un tratto distintivo più di Serena!
    Mi è piaciuto moltissimo anche l’abito di Ivy e gli orecchini smeraldosi di Serena!! stupendi abbinati all’ombretto!

    1. A me non piace, ma sai che hai ragione? Nonostante sappiamo da tempo i suoi sotterfugi per entrare a far parte della famiglia Rhodes, non è presentata come un personaggio negativo. Non ho idea di come si evolverà la parte della storia che la riguarda, però… A me piacerebbe che se ne andasse, ma è stato un personaggio centrale in questa stagione. Mi pare strano la “facciano fuori” così facilmente.

      L’abito di Ivy era bellissimo e mi è piaciuto anche quello di Marchesa indossato da Serena. Stupendi gli orecchini “smeraldosi” di S, specie in contrasto con l’abito rosa/lilla.

  5. superbe travail,je suis sincérement impressionnée.
    Je viens de parcourir ton blog depuis presque le début et je te félicite.
    Je t’ai ajouté dans mes favoris et je viendrai trés réguliérement te visiter.
    C’est un blog vraiement complet sur ma GG favorite et je suis ravie.
    Bonne continuation et bravo.

  6. Ciao Super!,
    quanto tempo…(dovuto alla difficoltà di lasciare commenti che ho con ipad..accidenti).
    Non posso credere che questo show finirà definitivamente presto,io continuo ad essere una vera appassionata,il valore del cast aumenta con il passare delle stagioni (ora riesco a scommettere persino su Penn Badgley),ed ora sono già in astinenza aspettando Gennaio.


    1. Ma quindi dici che finisce così, con la quinta stagione? Per quanto devo ammettere che questa stagione sia nettamente migliore rispetto alle precedenti, non nego di essere felice che finisca. Ci sono volute due stagioni mediocri prima di averne di nuovo una decente, quindi non oso immaginare che pena sarebbero altre stagioni mediocri. No, no, meglio farlo finire qui.

  7. I love Lily’s style and follow your blog for your coverage of her and gossip girl (heart). I think you are correct in that Chuck will survive (perhaps with some physical disability to overcome?–imagine Chuck not in control, would be an interesting plot for this character). Blair… I don’t know about the baby. While I think she would be a good mother, I think the loss of the pregnancy in a car accident with Chuck would be the end of the the relationship with Louis (of which I think everyone would be thrilled to see fly off to Monaco for good). I don’t know if it would necessarily be Louis that does the dumping though. I think that Charlie’s ex-boyfriend will find the real Charlie and bring her to NY.

    1. Thanks for following my blog 🙂

      Uhm, your ideas for a possible development of the story are very interesting. Chuck with some physical disability to overcome would really be a turning point in the plot and in his own troubled life, but I don’t think the authors will ever decide to give his life such a strong change. I’d like to see Blair become a mother, but not by Louis’ side; in any case, I think the wedding will never happen (hence her pictures as a runaway bride). Charlie! Oh, your theory is SO intriguing! That would definitely be a disruptive moment!

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