From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.09 – Rhodes to Perdition)

Things are getting more and more interesting in Gossip Girl, and I’m very happy I have decided to give this tv show another chance, after a couple of disappointing seasons. The presence of Charlie/Ivy and her involvement with many other characters (not only the members of the Humphrey/Van der Woodsen/Rhodes clan, but with Nate and Diana, as well) have given an interest twist to the plot. Now, the presence of her ex-boyfriend Max in town surely contributes in creating more and more drama.

The ninth episode of the fifth season, Rhodes to Perdition [1], is centered around a party (a recurring theme), a very special social event to celebrate the anniversary of the Studio54. The honorees are Cece Rhodes, Lily and Carol’s mother, and Bianca Jagger (but Cece doesn’t know that). The party is actually just an excuse to introduce the comeback of Cece and Carol, and to spark the fire of family drama.

Even if she’s got a lot of screen time in this episode, she only sports two outfits. The first includes a lovely blue lace dress and gorgeous pieces of jewellery. In the opening scene, Lily and Charlie are perusing through evening outfits that Cece wore when she was younger and she was one of the most famous socialites at the Studio 54. Cece arrives with a bang, claiming that Bianca Jagger “never outshined” her, “no matter how little she wore.” Sorry, Cece, but no one has ever been able to outshine Bianca Jagger, EVER 😉

The dress worn by Lily in this scene is a Carven creation from the fall 2011 collection. I like it because it’s a perfect mix of girly and ladylike: it’s made of cotton lace, it has 3/4 sleeves, side pockets and a slightly raised waistline. The back of the dress is made of a different fabric and is zipped.

She completes the outfit with chandelier earrings in semiprecious stones, whose colors beautifully complement the dress.

She also wears an impressive ring with central baroque pearl and diamond pavé.

It’s weird not to see her sport her trademark updo: this time, she’s opted for a nice half-updo. This is not my favourite hairstyle on her, but it’s always good to see her experiment with her looks.

While getting ready for the party, she asks Rufus to help her with her necklace. In this scene, we can see her outfit in detail.

She has picked Serena, a bronze sequin one-shoulder dress, with tulle accents at the hem and on the shoulder, a creation by Elie Tahari.

The gold mesh necklace she wears is reminiscent of chain mail bib necklaces that were so in vogue in the 70s, the perfect accessory for disco outfits. This is the Double Mesh necklace by Lulu Frost, made of gold plated mesh and vintage brooches. Each piece is embellished with unique brooches, so the one seen on Lily is slightly different from the necklace sold in the official web store.

She also wears a beautiful pair of clip-on earrings made of yellow gold and diamond by the Italian brand Roberto Coin: the Capri Plus earrings have a nice triangle shape with rounded corner, a very feminine shape.

She completes her outfit with gold pumps, a silver metallic python clutch on a chain and a silver leather bow belt. This scene is packed with drama because Cece faints (she is taking capecitabine pills, used to cure breast cancer) and everything seems to be about to break down. Max tries to explain Charlie Rhodes is actually an impostor, but Carol protects her. Now the question is: what happened to the real Charlie Rhodes? Why is Carol so shady about her? Why does she accept a stranger live in her sister’s house and wants to protect the secret surrounding her real daughter? Moreover, in Gossip Girl villains are usually punished (just think of Georgina, for example), so I guess we’ll see the fall of Ivy/Charlie, sooner or later.

I really liked this episode, because all the different storylines are going through an evolution. In the next episodes, the central story will surely be Blair’s wedding and the feelings that Dan and Chuck have for her. Some pictures of Blair as a runaway bride (in Vera Wang) have hit the web, so many different and intriguing possible developments are open.

[1] The title of the episode is a reference to Road to Perdition, a crime drama starring Tom Hanks, directed by Sam Mendes in 2002. In 2003 the film won an Oscar for the Best Cinematography and received lots of nominations, too.



  1. Hey, i am back and so are you, and so is gossip girl, i couldn’t stop myself from commenting, i bet you remember me after commenting to each lily post, but i can’t stop, i am addicted, kidding…
    I have to admit that i love Lily’s loose yet elaborate and chic hair, is different than her usual updo which i love but i am a bit tired of-she needed to try new things, it is also a chic way to wear your hair down and still look as elegant as ever, and last but not least it complements her!
    as for her outfit, as a total image it looks great on her, as you’ve said it’s chic and girly at the same time, i especially love her chandelier earrings and i wish i could see a better pic of them, however her dress i don’t go crazy about, something about the fit and the ‘oh too much lace’ makes me think of the dresses we used to wear when we were girls, i don’t hate it of course, i quite like it, but i don’t go crazy as i go for her fab earrings
    as for her second outfit, the dress seems amazing, i love the color, i love the sequins, i love the fit but i DON’T love her belt (the pale gold color of it sets off the dress, and so does the huge bow), and i don’t love her necklace ( a sequined dress-with a belt-didn’t need a huge statement necklace on top of it, also the necklace is a bit weird, i don’t like it)
    carol on the other half i adore, such a sexy vixen dress, i would so wear it with the silver cuff, slightly wavy hair and smokey sexy eye make up….
    also cece sports a nice colored jacket

    1. I totally agree with you when it comes to her lace dress. I quite like it, but I think it’s a bit too much. I like black lace, because it’s always chic, but blue lace in a dress with such a girly shape doesn’t convince me much, especially in her. Those earrings are lovely, though.

      I also agree about the second outfit. The belt is a pointless accessory, the dress would have looked better without it. The necklace is nice, but pairing it to this sequined dress is not a great choice. Carol’s outfit, on the other hand, is perfectly balanced and better than Lily’s.

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