They Say He’s Madly in Love with Her

This Friday Guessing Game is devoted to the “fetish” theme par excellence – shoes. Activate your memory and try to guess where these screencaps come from. On Monday I’ll publish the video solution and the name of the winner. Good luck everybody!

Sorry but there’s no video solution this week, since I’ve spent all day at school and I didn’ t find the time to tape the solution last week-end. In any case, this time we have 5 winners!!! Carolina, Ale, Misspenny, Manuela (and her friend Raffi) and Federico guessed three pictures right each, so they’re all winners. I know this was very difficult, so next time I’ll try to choose pictures easier to guess.


  1. Ciao Terry, questo nuovo argomento mi piace tantissimo!
    Allora, iniziamo:

    2) Cenerentola
    3) Il diavolo veste Prada
    7) I love shopping

    Aspetto le soluzioni!!!

  2. Soooo, here are my guesses so far
    2- Cinderella by walt Disney (but this is so easy that it probably won’t count 😦 )
    3- Looks like Amelie, I remember she had slightly awkward but cool shoes, not sure these are hers though…

  3. 2. Cinderella
    3. The Devil Wears Prada
    7. Confessionsw of a Shopaholic

    The title could be a quote from “Cinderella” in the scene where Cinderella and the prince are dancing…but I’m only guessing.

    1. Right. All your guesses are correct.
      As for the quote, I think it’s something the stepmother tells Cinderella’s stepsisters, when she finds out that the Prince is looking everywhere for the mysterious girl he met at the ball the night before.

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