From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.08 – All the Pretty Sources)

You know my expectations for the fifth season of Gossip Girl were very low, but the episodes so far have been unexpectedly good, and All the Pretty Sources [1] made no exception. Things are getting complicated for the two female protagonists of the season – Charlie and Blair: the arrival of Max (Charlie/Ivy’s boyfriend) in New York means trouble for the former, while the latter’s relation with Louis is going through a rough patch. Both Chuck and Dan have feelings for Blair, so the end of the season will surely include a showdown among them all.

In the meantime, the central event of the episode is the bridal shower party Serena has been organizing for Blair, a very posh Breakfast at Tiffany’s-themed party which will bring much drama in the lives of the Upper East Siders. My favourite character, Lily, will not attend the party, but she’s involved in the preparations because the party will take place in her apartment.

The opening scene is very familiar: Rufus and Lily are having breakfast, while Dan, back from his promotional tour, tells them that Gossip Girl has announced he is not among the guests of the bridal shower party. Lily sports only one outfit in the outfit, a very good one, perfectly in line with her ladylike and classy style.

In the episode, we get a couple of full-body shots, so we have a good view of the dress she’s wearing. It’s a creation by the American brand Lafayette 148 New York: it’s their Lightweight Flanellato detailed cap sleeve dress in Fawn Melange, a gorgeous take on the classic sheath dress. The waist is accented by a thin faux leather belt, while the bodice is embellished by a folded origami detailing.

During the party’s preparations, she gets to know Max, Charlie’s ex-boyfriend, who has discovered the truth about her. Ivy is an actor who is playing the role of Carol Rhodes’ daughter Charlie, but the girl succeeds in turning the difficult situation into a win for her. She explains her mother forced her to take a different name: Lily believes her explanation, but Max will find out she’s just an impostor. In this screencap, Lily wears her trusty San Francisco frames by Theo Eyewear.

Her jewellery includes beautiful Gerard Yosca clip-on earrings with a central black and grey stone and embellished by rhinestones.

She also wears a statement ring by Mimi So, the lovely Switch faceted ring, made of 18K yellow gold and central faceted black jade. She sports her trademark updo: this time, her bun is accented by tiny braids, which give an eccentric twist to this very formal hairstyle.

The end of the episode is full of suspense: after a troubled party, Blair maybe is finally realizing Louis has his flaws and this is maybe making her change her mind about their wedding. She goes to Chuck and in the next episode we will see what will happen between them. As for Charlie, I’m sure all her lies will find her out.

What do you think of Lily’s outfit and of this episode? Are you intrigued by this season’s plot?

[1] The title is inspired to All the Pretty Horses (2000), a romantic western drama directed by Billy Bob Thornton, starring Penelope Cruz and Matt Damon.



    1. I agree. At first I thought it was a classic Pomellato round ring (she wore one by Pomellato in the 3rd season, if I’m not mistaken), but when I found out it was a Mimi So ring, with such an unusual stone and faceted shape, I appreciated the choice even more.

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