From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.07 – The Big Sleep No More)

After a hiatus of one week, my favourite character of Gossip Girl is back! Lily Van der Woodsen makes a short appearance in the 7th episode of the 5th season, The Big Sleep No More, which opens with a lovely dream tribute to a classic romantic movie, Sabrina by Billy Wilder, with Blair playing the role of the protagonist and Chuck as Linus Larrabee [1].

The episode is packed with drama: the main storyline is now focused on Nate and his lover Diana (Elizabeth Hurley), on Serena (oh, she’s back in the spotlight) and Charlie/Ivy. Other storylines (Blair and her upcoming royal wedding, Chuck and Dan) have been put aside for a while, but I’m sure they’ll soon come back. After the launch of his novel and after learning it’s not doing very well, Dan has literally been hiding, as we can see in this episode. Lily and Rufus think he’s busy with his promotional tour, but he’s actually still in New York.

While having breakfast, they talk to Dan by Skype, but he’s kind of elusive about the towns he’s been to and the place where he is at the moment. Unfortunately, the outfit Lily sports in this scene is the only one we get to see in this episode. It includes a lovely shift dress and classy jewellery, perfectly in tune with her Upper East Side yet relaxed style.

Later in the episode, Rufus calls Alexandra, Dan’s agent, and finds out he has failed to attend his promotional tour: now Rufus is starting to be worried. In this scene, Lily wears her trusty glasses. As I’ve already pointed it out, her frames are by Theo Eyewear: they’re the San Francisco style in 20 Ivory Lined.

In the episode, we get a rare nearly full-body shot of Lily, so we can see the simple back of her powder pink shift dress.

It’s a gorgeous creation by 3.1 Phillip Lim: it’s made of silk, it has a gathered neckline, accented by a rhinestone and bead decoration. I love this colour because I think it perfectly suits Lily, but I also like the shape of the dress, simple and refined.

The jewellery she is wearing includes a gorgeous pair of pendant earrings by NSR Nina Rusdorf, characterized by diamond-encrusted circle studs and stones in earthly tones set in gold.

She also wears a rhinestone dome ring, similar to the one by Lisa Freede she wore in The Jewel of Denial, but I don’t think it’s the same.

Rufus finally finds out Dan is in their loft in Brooklyn: he didn’t leave for the promotional tour, because his book is not successful and I guess he doesn’t want to face his failure. At the end of the episode, Rufus convinces him to leave, but it’s still unclear whether the boy will follow his father’s advice or not.  As for the main storyline, Ivy’s ex boyfriend is in town, he’s even met Serena, so the net around the actress who’s playing the role of Charlie Rhodes is tightening. I’m really curious to see what will come next.

[1] This role was played by Humphrey Bogart, protagonist of The Big Sleep by Howard Hawks, as well, a crime/mystery masterpiece the title of this episode pays homage to.




  1. I love that Lily is wearing a cocktail dress to just sit around the house with Rufus. When they talk about taking a field trip to Boston, I could see ‘I must change my outfit’ flash across her face. I don’t think we’ll ever see her in sweatpants!

    1. That’s true: that cocktail dress is adorable, so I’m glad she wore it even in an informal moment of the day.

      I agree: we’ll never see her in sweatpants, but once (in the 4th season) she wore a very casual outfit. Well, the sweater and the pants were made of cashmere, so they still were luxury clothes.

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