And With This Ring I Play So Dead, But No One’s Asking For the Truth

It may sound weird, but I’ve recently bought a copy of Smashing Pumpkin’s masterpiece – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness – 16 years after its release. It may sound weird because I was a huge fan of this band in the 90s. I own all their albums – the last one I bought was Machina/The Machines of God, but I’ve always listened my favourite one on cute tapes a friend of mine did for me back in the day (you know that I’m a nostalgic). After listening to the two cds, many memories from the past came back, especially in relation to Thru the Eyes of Ruby and Stumbleine (that’s where my nickname comes from). The title of this post comes from the first song: though apparently without connections to the main topic (nail polishes!), it’s actually perfect to introduce it. Many have written about one of the latest manicure trends – the ring finger manicure – but this is a short journey into my experimentations.

It all started last September on Instagram, an iPhone/iPod app I love. A picture posted by the lovely Nicolette Mason struck my attention: she sported an awesome pale mint green nail polish and a golden glittering one on the ring finger only. A picture has been enough to spark my imagination and my creativity.

This is my first ring finger manicure. I simply tried to re-create Nicolette’s colour combination, which I still love very much. I used China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint (2 coats) and Mavala Gold Diamond on the ring finger (3 coats). I used China Glaze Fairy Dust as top coat on all the nails, except for the ring finger.

The second spark which set my imagination on fire came from Valentina, a friend of mine, who told me she had seen the same manicure in a Gossip Girl episode from the 2nd season, Valley Girls. Here is Blake Lively, sporting an off-white nail polish, while the ring finger is accented by silver glitter nail polish. Awesome.

So my second ring finger manicure was an attempt to re-create what I had seen on Blake. I used OPI Alpine Snow (2 coats), topped by China Glaze Fairy Dust, while on the ring finger I used Orly Shine (2 coats), topped by Zoya Luna. I love this colour combination!

After my first attempts, I started to experiment with other colours. The manicure above, for example, includes Chanel Peridot (2 coats) and OPI Simmer & Shimmer (3 coats) on the ring finger only. I think the contrast between the gold/green shade of Chanel nail polish and the blue/gold/silver glitter bomb that is Simmer & Shimmer.

I used Simmer & Shimmer again (3 coats) in the manicure above, matched to Chanel Paradoxal (2 coats) on the ring finger. This combination doesn’t convince me much, because it looks like Paradoxal tones down the glitter bomb.

I’m a fetishist of glitter nail polishes, I admit it, but how can’t you stand in awe in front of such a spectacular glittering shade? Besides blue, silver and gold, you can also fuschsia, orange, yellow and green glitters. This is the only shade I own from the Burlesque collection and is surely one of my favourite shades.

Talking of glitter bombs, all hail the Queen of the silver glitter nail polishes: OPI Crown Me Already!, from the Miss Universe collection.  I’ve always been looking for the *perfect* silver nail polish: Orly Shine is a very good silver foil nail polish, but the glitter throne goes to Crown Me Already!. Its only downside are the chunky hexagons among the huge amount of glitters which characterizes the nail polish, but use a top coat and you’ll solve the problem. Are you looking with a disco-ball shade? This one’s for you!

This manicure is not a ring finger one and it doesn’t include glitters, but please, take your time to admire this incredible holographic nail polish. This is the first true holo varnish I’ve used and I’m so in love with it. It’s China Glaze IDK (2 coats), from the OMG collection, released in 2009: it’s light lilac with multicolor holographic effect. The picture above was taken with sunlight, but still I couldn’t really grasp the awesomeness of the final effect. It’s like wearing velvet on your nails.

Here are the bottles of IDK and Crown Me Already! Can you see the disco-ball shine coming from the latter?

This is the latest addition to my ever growing nail polish collection – OPI Rainbow Connection from the Muppets collection. It’s another glitter bomb, made of multicolor glitters in different shapes and sizes on a clear base.

I think you can get the best out of it as top coat. It would be lovely on a black or blue polish, but I’ve used it on a turquoise (China Glaze For Audrey).

Do you like the ring finger manicure or do you prefer something more traditional? What about glitter nail polishes? Do you love them as much as I do?



  1. I love the ring finger manicure idea and I’ve often done it myself- not so much to mark an engagement but simply because I like the unexpected, asymmetrical feel of it.
    What i do is I paint all nails one colour and then use some glitter on the selected nail as a top coat (mostly because I am too lazy to apply more than one coat and as we know glitter polishes require a lot of coats!). When I was in high school and a wannabe punk/rock chick of some sort (don’t judge), I used to paint all my nails black and use hot pink nail polish on either the ring finger or the pinkie. It’s actually not that bad 🙂
    have you ever tried the half moon manicure? I love the look of it but I’m slightly clumsy when it comes to doing my own nails, so I haven’t tried it yet.

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