Christina Aguilera’s Style: NBC’s The Voice Press Junket, October 28, 2011

After making a rare appearance at the pumpkin patch , Christina Aguilera is back in the spotlight, thanks to the press conference to present the second season of NBC’s The Voice, the successful tv show she starred in last winter as coach for new talents. Before presenting her outfit, let me tell you this is a major letdown: she’s back to the sexy call girl look, which I don’t like at all.

Don’t get me wrong: I think she looked gorgeous, but there’s something so wrong in this outfit – the skirt. This could have been a perfect sexy secretary look – I look I think is perfect for her – but the result is disappointing, as it was last June, when she sported the summer version of the same outfit. It would be interesting to know why she keeps on wearing girly skirt, when she could opt for something more ladylike. The skirt she chose this time is by Dolce & Gabbana: it has a kilt vibe, with those side buckles, and a tiny pocket on the front.

Cute! I’m of obsessed with her hair lately: I know she’s in dire need of a change in cut and colour, but her attachment to platinum blonde is kind of heroic. I’ve never been a fan of this mermaid/wavy hairstyle: I would have opted for an updo instead, but she looked lovely anyway.

Besides the Dolce & Gabbana kilt-like skirt, the outfit included a satin blouse with pussy bow by L’Agence (she left the bow untied) and Alexandre Birman suede boots with a nice lace-up effect. I’m surprised she didn’t wear her trademark Louboutins but I’m glad she’s chosen an emerging designer instead.

The accessory department included a belt with chain details by Barbara Bui, her trusty Xtina knuckle duster by Stephen Webster and an array of jewellery by Loree Rodkin (pendant earrings, the Maltese cross ring she’s worn many times, a diamond cocktail ring and a chain necklace with diamond skull pendant).

A major improvement has been done in the make-up department. This time she decided to temporarily ditch her red lipstick and to wear a light pink colour instead. I love her smokey eyes and her peach blush so much. This change in make-up is so refreshing and makes her look younger and more natural-looking.

What do you think of this outfit? Are you looking forward to watching the second season of The Voice?

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