Thanks for Making A Martyr of Me

Summer may be gone, but my love for swimming pools is not! For this reason, I’ve decided to celebrate the arrival of fall with a Friday Guessing Game all devoted to (outdoor and indoor) pools. Don’t you love swimming in a warm pool, when you know that outside it’s freezing cold? I do! Take your time to focus on these screencaps and write your guesses in the comments. The (video, but I’m sure) solution and the name of the winners will be published on Wednesday November 2nd. Enjoy!

Here is the very short video solution. Sorry because the audio track is a bit out of sync, but I’m using a new programme to tape videos and I probably selected some wrong option.

The winners of this week’s guessing game are Misspenny and Aleale & Little miss B.: they guessed five pictures right. Well done, grrrls!


  1. For now I can only guess two (which is better than nothing, I suppose 🙂 )
    photo no. 8 is Josh hartnett in Virgin Suicides and the last one is from Film Bleu (I think)

    happy Halloween!!!!

  2. 2. one of my favourtie movies ever, unluckily never translated in italian (am I wrong?): Stoned. Brian Jones, may you rest in peace.
    3. cute old people in Cocoon
    5. a young Christian Bale in the Empire of the Sun (?)
    6. the Runaways (the girl on the phone is Dakota Fanning)
    8. a movie you hardly use… The Virgin Suicides. We loveeeee Trip Fontaine.
    9. Palombella Rossa?

    Aleale & Little miss B.

    1. 2. No, you’re right. I don’t think it has been translated in Italian. Your guess is right: it’s Stoned 🙂
      3. Yes
      5. Exactly!
      6. Yes
      8. Yes. I know: I’ve been using The Virgin Suicides for my FGG more than any other film, but it’s so inspirational (and Trip Fontaine was so hot!)
      9. No

      1. OMG, you’re SO right! While reading all the comments, I only read the first word of my reply to picture n°2 (“no”), so I thought it was wrong. Of course it wasn’t.

        Thanks for letting me know. I’m adding you among the winners 🙂

  3. 2. Stoned
    3. Cocoon
    5. Empire of the sun (con un giovanissimo Christian Bale)
    6. The Runaways (a te è piaciuto? io sono rimasta un po’ delusa, avevo grandi aspettative per il primo lungometraggio di Floria Sigismondi)
    7. Sembrerebbe Almost Famous ma penso di aver sbagliato…
    8. Trip Fontaine in “The Virgin Suicides”

    1. 2. Sì
      3. Sì
      5. Sì, esatto
      6. Sì.
      Concordo: ho trovato il film piacevole ma niente di più. Nemmeno una briciola dello stile della Sigismondi, quello visto in tanti video musicali da lei diretti.
      7. Non è
      8. Sì

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