From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.05 – The Fasting and the Furious)

As you may know, I’m Italian, so I can’t watch Gossip Girl when it’s aired, on Monday evening. I usually watch it later in the week, but on Tuesday morning I’m always looking forward to read the comments of a friend of mine who lives in Manhattan. We share a passion for this tv series and for Lily’s style, so her hints are more than welcome. Last night she wrote she “absolutely loved” yesterday’s episode – The Fasting and the Furious [1]: after watching it, I agree with her. It was a great episode on many levels, characterized by the theme of “crossing lines”. Most of the characters do something that goes beyond their boundaries: the development of their actions is still unknown and – for this reason – fascinating.

Our favourite character is not among those above (but she has gone beyond her boundaries many times), but she’s the unaware victim of schemes – just think of Charlie/Ivy and Diana, the devilish businesswoman played by Elizabeth Hurley.

She treats Charlie as a daughter, but the girl is only willing to take advantage of her position to keep her job and to be appreciated by her boss. In the opening scene, Rufus, Lily and Charlie are having breakfast: the girl is going to work, while Lily hears from her husband that he doesn’t feel like celebrating Yom Kippur at the Waldorfs’ that night. Here Lily is wearing one of her trademark pieces – a bow blouse – with a long chain link necklace.

In the screencap above we can see she has paired the black blouse (printed with tiny flowers) with a simple pair of black trousers.

She is also wearing a lovely pair of earrings by Amanda Pearl. They are made of gold plated hammered ball beads on gold-filled cubic zirconia studs.

Her necklace is a creation by nOir Jewelry: it’s the Maasai Navajo necklace, made of metal and beaded interlocking rings. The one seen on Lily is a bit different from the one I’ve posted above, because it has gold (and not silver) metal rings.

Later in the episode, Lily is in a room of her apartment, putting away some jewellery pieces she had previously selected for the party at the Waldorfs’ – a gold chain link bracelet, red flower earrings and a cocktail ring (you can see it on her little finger). This hexagon ring is a creation by Asha: it’s made of 14K vermeil and rock crystals.

The other ring she wears is a Mimi So creation: it’s a Jasmine semi pavé diamond ring, made of 18K yellow gold. This scene is very important, because Lily explains Charlie that the safe in that room contains the infamous Bart’s “family dossiers” – Charlie will eventually steal and give them to Diana.

The outfit she sports at the party is quite unconventional, since it includes apparently clashing pieces – an emerald green dress, a leopard bag, red earrings and gold jewellery.

Lily works her magic and makes the outfit look amazing, as usual. Have you noticed she’s been wearing several green items since last week’s episode? I love the rich shades of the colour on her, because they beautifully compliment her blonde hair.

She’s wearing the Agata dress by Diane Von Furstenberg, a gorgeous cocktail dress with bows and drapings accenting the shoulder and the hip. I’m glad she chose a vibrant colour like emerald green and not the black version.

Her leopard print bag with white lace inserts is the famous Miss Sicily bag by Dolce & Gabbana, an eccentric touch to a perfectly poised outfit.

As previously stated, she also wears red flower earrings and a chunky chain link gold bracelet.

I know there’s Rufus in this screencap, but you can also get a better view of Lily’s earrings, with red petals and gold pistils. At the party, Rufus finally realizes there’s no point in bearing the grudge against Dan and decides to make up with his son.

Have you noticed Serena, the protagonist of the first seasons, has been progressively pushed in the background? Even in Dan’s book she’s not the protagonist – she has been replaced by Blair, maybe even in Dan’s heart. It’s clear now all the focus is on Blair’s storyline, which I really like a lot. Everybody seems to act like grown-ups, but she seems to be unable to part with her old persona. In any case, I’m sure there will be many surprises in the next episodes.

[1] The title of the episode refers to the successful film directed by Rob Cohen in 2001, starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Michelle Rodriguez, but it also refers to fasting, a tradition connected to Yom Kippur.




  1. Hey, yeah i noticed that S is not the main lady of everyone’s heart anymore and i am fine with it, i love Blair but i think that she really needs to grow up now that she’s gonna be a mommy. And also we have the chance to see S’s real personality and that indeed she doesn’t want to share her spotlight.
    I have to say that the black outfit goes unnoticed by me, it’s fine but that is it, it’s not to scream about, and the chain plus the gold earrings i think that they are a tad too much since the chain is chunky enough to need further accessorizing.
    I LOVED her green dress, i think that the color is amazingggggggg and the dress in black or red wouldn’t look that good, i am not sure about the red earrings with the green dress but Lily can pull of anything,well almost anything cause seriously that leopard print white vynil white lace handbag SCREAMS THROW ME AWAY, NOWWWWW….
    Lily is always a classy lady, i understand the leopard print with the green dress and the red earrings cause well frankly the lady can pull of anything, but why white vinyl and lace? it just ruins the whole look, making it look tacky and Lily is in no way tacky.
    also the gold chain bracelet is a bit too chunky for a green dress with RED earrings and LEOPARD print bag to pull of without screaming Vanessa Abrahams (which is again noooooooo good thing for our lovely Lily)
    i don’t know what is it with Eric Daman and chunky jewellery this season, maybe he feels the need to make everyone wear them now that Vanessa is off to Barcelona?
    I have to be honest, i oftenly wear chunky jewels since the delicate lady like ones don’t really suit my style or body type but he’s overdone it.
    although props for the great colors he puts everyone in this season

  2. Ahahahaha, I totally agree about the chunky jewellery. I rarely wear jewellery and I don’t have any piece of chunky jewellery, because I don’t think it can be pulled off easily. You know, the Vanessa Abrams effect is always just around the corner 😉

    I think the black outfit was perfectly balanced, because the blouse and trousers create the ideal canvas for a statement necklace and subtler earrings. When it comes to the party outfit, I must admit the choice of the bag is not the best. I like the shape of the Miss Sicily bag, but the version with lace inserts doesn’t reflect Lily’s style at all. Ok, I think she should carry Hermès bags only, like she used to do in the first seasons, but most of the bags she’s carried in the latest seasons have impressed me negatively. The clash between the red earrings and the green dress is lovely, but I wouldn’t have worn the chain link bracelet, it’s just a surplus.

    Thanks a lot for your comments 🙂

  3. HI! just wanted to say that I love your blog and I am so glad that there’s someone out there who shares my love for Lily and her unique style, and someone that is as talented as you in putting these entries together. Please keep up the great work!


    1. Hi Camilla!

      Thanks so much 🙂 I’m glad you like my posts about Lily’s style. Writing about her outfits is kind of frustrating, because it’s so hard to identify all the clothes and accessories she wears, but I keep on doing it because I love them so much!

  4. i agree with your comment about her carrying hermes bags, i loved her kelly and birkin bags(i am a birkin girl! i loveeeeeee the bag). i think that lily is hermes itself, in her own way, i don’t honestly understand why daman makes her carry bags that don’t represent her style!
    i understand the need for a change (she can’t always carry hermes bags) but there are other bags out there, better ones than the ones she is carrying lately,
    like chloe or celine bags which are chic and oh so lily

    1. It’s true: the bags she’s carried in the last seasons are hideous, if compared to the Hermès ones she used to carry, but in general they don’t reflect her style at all. Just think of the Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily bag she sports in this episode; a bag which is totally un-Lily 😦 On the other hand, Celine bags would be amazing on her!

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