From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.04 – Memoirs of an Invisible Dan)

I don’t want to put the cart before the horse, but this 5th season of Gossip Girl is going to be memorable. Don’t get me wrong: the plot is far from being disruptive of everything we’ve got in the series, and definitely far from being unexpected (all the characters are safely stuck to their stereotypical personas), but it feels much better than the previous seasons. I particularly appreciated Memoirs of an Invisible Dan [1] because it dealt with an unusual topic (in a predictable way, but still): the thin line separating fiction and reality, and the consequences one should be ready to face while crossing that line. The plotline built around Dan  – and his rise to literary fame thanks to an inside view into “the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” – is obviously a source of drama, but interesting in its own way.

Dan summons friends and family to Lily’s apartment to explain everyone the thruth behind the book. It’s true it’s a work of fiction, but it’s actually based on real people and real events. Each character reacts in a different way: Lily, Nate and Chuck seem flattered (Nate, in particular, will change his opinion about the book), while Serena and Blair are kind of amused yet worried. In this scene, Lily wears a lovely red and white printed jersey dress which gives her a youthful look.

She also wears a gorgeous pair of BaubleBar drop earrings named after her, made of gold, white and yellow resin. They create a beautiful contrast with the dress and give more light to her face.

The outfit is completed by another piece of jewellery, a white and champagne stone knotted ring by Rich Rocks. In this scene, her hair is loose, with a side parting.

Now, here comes the peak of this post: I can finally give you some information about the frames Lily has been wearing since the beginning of the season. I’ve received many questions about them and I absolutely wanted to solve the mystery. I even contacted Kelly Rutherford herself and Eric Daman on Twitter, but nobody seemed to remember where these frames came from. I posted a screencap from this episode on the Facebook page of Celebrity Sunglasses Finder and a super-kind user told me they *could* be Theo frames. I immediately dropped a line to the Belgian brand and their super-kind pr responsible promptly sent her reply. These are Theo frames indeed!!!! The style is San Francisco and the colour is 20 Ivory Lined; this model comes from their City collection. Are you happy about this id as much as I am?

Lily, Rufus and Chuck take part into the book launch party to show Dan their support. In this scene, Lily is wearing a dark green silk dress with fitted bodice, cupcake skirt and rosette appliques on the shoulders. I quite like this dress, but I think it’s too girly for Lily.

She completes the dress with clip-on round earrings made of gold, accented by a central black stone and crystals.

She also carries a snakeskin box clutch by Kotur. I must admit I’ve been quite on the fence while trying to identify the exact style: the same clasp can be found in the Breen and in the Espey, but I think she carried the latter, which doesn’t have rounded angles.

For the occasion, she sports her trademark updo – side parting and beautiful chignon. The party will bring much drama with it – it looks like everybody is mad at Dan for the secrets spilled in the novel – but Lily and Rufus seem not to be affected by it. The day after, we’ll learn Rufus is actually upset with his portrayal – a stay-at-home husband who married for money – and he expresses his disappointment to his son.

While Rufus is confronting his son, Lily tries to show her support to Chuck, who is sick and tired of being the “unrepentant bad boy”. He seems like he’s casted a realistic look on his past life, just to realize he’s lost everyone he has ever loved, Blair included. Lily tells him that “there are people that care so deeply” for him, if he just lets them, but he seems inconsolable. In this scene, she is wearing a beautiful grey skirt with asymmetrical peplum by Christian Cota.

Her lime green satin blouse has ruffles on the shoulders and draped neckline: this is the Estrella blouse by Elie Tahari.

Her jewellery includes a pair of Siman Tu chandelier earrings, made of faceted turquoise drops. Interesting to see how the colour of her earrings contrasts (again) with her outfit, but the result is always nice.

When she welcomes Chuck, we also catch a glimpse of a silver cuff bracelet she’s wearing around her right wrist. It looks like it’s decorated with a stone, but it’s never framed, so I can’t say anything else about it.

What do you think of this episode? Do you like the fact that Blair is becoming the most important female character and that Serena seems to be left in the background. Dan clearly cares for Blair much, maybe because he knows she’s pregnant and wants to protect her, but I’m sure he feels something more for her (at least I hope so!). And what about Lily’s outfits? Which is your favourite?

[1] The title is taken from Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992) by John Carpenter, starring Chevy Chase, Daryl Hannah and Sam Neill, one of the many films inspired to The Invisible Man, a novel H. G. Wells wrote in 1881. My favourite is The Invisible Man (1933) by James Whale, starring Claude Rains, an iconic Universal horror movie which was also quoted in Science Fiction/Double Feature, the opening song of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) by Jim Sharman.

Source and source.


  1. Hmm i like her red and white dress, but i am not a fan of the earrings, although at the picture they seem gorgeous, worn by her they seem like jewels of a 8 years old girl, like those plastic earrings we used to wear when we were children, but hey that’s just my opinion.
    i like her ring i think that it’s interesting, her loose hairstyle not so sure i think that her hair needed a bit more volume they look a bit flat
    the green dress i liked, it’s a nice shape although girl as you’ve already said, and i like the open back of it, but i am not a fan of the ‘brocade’ like material…
    as for the last outfit i don’t know how she makes it, but those colors look good together and i never imagined them combined together…

    1. I agree with what you wrote about the dress. I like this colour on her, but I hate the brocade-like fabric, it gives an old-fashioned touch to the dress and it makes it heavy. The last outfit is possibly my favourite: the combination of colours is sublime, and I love the shape of the skirt, very peculiar.

  2. i agree with the old fashioned, heavy effect you are talking about, it’s such a girly girl dress for such a heavy fabric and dark color

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