From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (5.03 – The Jewel of Denial)

The moment we’ve been waiting for has finally come: after the first two episodes of the fifth season, Lily has made her appearance in Gossip Girl and the Upper East Side has one of its symbols back. I’ve quite appreciated the storyline so far, but I can’t stand that beautiful apartment without her charming owner, plus I’m looking forward to seeing if there’s a Lily/Rufus plotline in store for us. The Jewel of Denial [1] is an eventful episode, culminating in a posh Jenny Packham party and focusing on Blair’s pregnancy; as for our favourite character, she’s still stuck at home, bracelet on her ankle, basically getting bored.

She follows what’s happening in her family via Serena, but she also calls her sister, Carol, to tell her Serena and Charlie met in Los Angeles. She makes her comeback wearing a gorgeous outfit, so much in her style, extremely refined and casually understated. She wears a lovely spotted-print white silk dress and impressive jewellery, including a cocktail ring with a blue stone and matching two-drop crystal earrings. In the image above, we can see the dress has an irregular print: at the hem the spots are replaced by polka dots.

The ring is a Bounkit creation: it’s made of 24-carat gold vermeil, it has a round shape and is set with white and blue topaz.

Thanks to a reader, Charlotte, and to Bounkit I’ve learnt the gorgeous earrings worn by Lily are another Bounkit creation – the drops are made of blue topaz and clear quartz. The screencap above is taken from a very important scene, when Rufus tells his wife she’s a free woman, at last.

Earlier in the episode, Lily meets Serena, who’s trying to prepare the ground to Charlie’s comeback, but Lily is very clear: she doesn’t want to have any part in this, because she knows her niece has got serious mental issues and she doesn’t want to go against her sister’s will, who doesn’t want Charlie to live in New York. The situation is more complicated than this, because we know Charlie is actually an actress hired by Carol to play the part of her daughter, but Lily and Serena (and everybody else in New York) are still unaware of the truth.

In this scene, Lily is serving tea. Her adorable white china tea set with golden border is back!

Lily has nothing to do but chatting on the phone, doing online shopping and reading. I love the irony of her latest reading, Crime and Punishment, one of the masterpieces by the Russian novelist Fëdor Michajlovič Dostoevskij. In this scene, she’s wearing her infamous eyeglasses, which I still haven’t identified.

I know many of you are fans of Lily’s hairstyles, so here’s a pic of her trademark updo. This time she has opted for something unusual – a very messy bun – but her side parting is still there.

As I said before, the social event of the episode is a Jenny Packham party. Lily and Rufus make a last-minute decision to attend the party: she is afraid of the reaction of the Upper East Side society, but some dirty looks and some gossip can’t hold her down.

In this case, she wears the beautiful CH by Carolina Herrera black lace and tulle dress I’ve already written about. She pairs it with a bronze envelope clutch and lovely flower crystal earrings.

I’ve gone mad trying to identify the dome ring she’s wearing, but I think I’ve finally made it! This time I’ve chosen a picture from the set and not from the episode, because here we can get a better view of it. You can see it’s embellished by crystals in different shades, so I really think it’s the crystal dome ring (in Gunmetal) by Lisa Freede.

One last look to her hairstyle in this scene: she’s sporting a perfect full bun, my favourite updo. I love the whole outfit from head to toe (ok, her shoes are not visible, but still), because it exhudes ladylike elegance and poise. I’m glad she’s back for good: now she’s a free woman I’m sure she’ll have a part in the ongoing plot. The fake Charlie story will involve her for sure, since the girl is now living in her apartment. I don’t like this addition to the Upper East Siders because I think Charlie/Ivy is a wicked character (wicked AND negative, I mean), but she will bring drama in the plot, which is always good. Oh, and now I’m getting more and more curious about the real Charlie: will we ever get to know her?

Did you like this episode? What do you think of Lily’s comeback?

[1] The title is a reference to the blockbuster The Jewel of the Nile (1985) by Lewis Teague, starring Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito.

Source and source.



  1. We would like to make a correction to the earrings worn by Lily Van der Woodsen’s on the last episode of Gossip Girl. They are Bounkit Blue Topaz, and Clear Quartz drops, and not KJL.

  2. Hey i am so glad that you are back on with your Lily Van der Woodsen posts, i was looking forward for them!
    i can’t really say that i am a fan of her dress, i like the lace caps but something on her black lace dress is no no to me,i am not enterily sure what yet, maybe it’s that it doesn’t seem to fit perfectly on her
    i don’t go crazy for her white spotted dress look either although both looks are chic and lady like
    i feel like the fashion of the show isn’t on the highest level this year don’t know why really
    blair’s hair aren’t flowy, silky and beautiful, Serena’s hair aren’t wavy beach either, they seem unbrushed and something on serena’s new look is just no no for me, same goes for Blair’s clothes although i loved her silver sequined jenny packham dress

    1. I agree with you when it comes to the white dress. I think it was ill-fitting or its loose shape didn’t suit Lily’s figure, but it left me quite perplexed.

      Serena’s style is going downhill, starting from her hair, as you wrote. They really look unbrushed and dry, which is a pity, because she’s always had beautiful hair. On the other hand, I quite like Blair’s hair and style. It has definitely gone through a transformation since the 1st season, but I can always see a touch of the old Blair in her outfits.

  3. oh yes i agree, i can still see a touch of the old blair in her outfits, too, blair style didn’t change that much during the last seasons.
    i actually like blair’s style a lot, and lily’s of course but serena was the one that i adored, cause her dresses were always sexy, her coats and her boots amazing and her hair beautiful and beach like!
    i actually learnt a few things from her outfits, such as how to wear sequins or how to pick up great boots and coats but lately her style seems uninspired! although some of her outfits are great just like that coral jacket she wore with green-blue earrings (although the striped neutral top and floral skirt was a no no)

    1. I’ve never liked Serena’s style much. I think her personal versions of the school uniform were lovely, most of the times, but since she left school, many of her outfits just scream “street-walker” to me. Too much skin shown, too tight or revealing clothes are always a no no in my book of style. Blake Lively has a stunning body, so I get why her style has become sexier and sexier, but it’s far from being elegant. Am I the only one who thinks she has replaced Vanessa when it comes to piling necklaces of semi-precious stones and bohemian jewellery? I liked that on Vanessa, but on S not so much.

  4. Hahahaha yeah i agree with the street-walker thing, sometimes her outfits are too tight and too revieling but i can’t help but adore her amazing collection of coats, trench coats and jackets, and the least revealing dresses of hers are amazing. I was also a huge fan of her school outfits, since they were school outfits after all but so cool and easy-breezy….
    i agree with the fact that she is piling necklaces, and they don’t even match, maybe now that V is gone Eric Daman needed someone else to replace her ‘too much jewels on” style?

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