He’s Hiding Inside Me

Sorry if there’s no video solution this week, but I’ve got a cold and a stiff neck and I don’t feel like taping a pathetic video, where I would surely complain about my aches and pains. I’ve opted for a written solution instead, which has an old-school charm, don’t you agree? The winner of this guessing game is Aleale, who guessed five pictures right with the help of her friend Incorporella! Well done, girls! You’re a great team 🙂




  1. 1. Laura Dern in Blue Velvet
    3. Charlize Theron in The Astronaut Wife
    4. Paul Rudd in Clueless
    8. The Godfather
    9. Elisabeth Shue in Adventures in Babysitting

    (with the help of my friend Incorporella) :))

      1. yeahhhh!!! Even if i’m ashamed to have missed Frost/Nixon. I love that movie and I so so knew it!
        Incorporella is responsable for The Godfather.
        I’d have said “Prova a prendermi” but I said to her i wasn’t sure and that “as far as I know it could be the Godfather”.
        And she told me, that it actually WAS the godfather and the one on the right was Tom hagen!

        Anyway I’m happy Misspenny has been on holiday for a while so I can win something as well!

        Share the love, and cure the raffreddor! :))

  2. Eccomi. Allora:

    3. La moglie dell’astronauta
    5. Ice Princess
    8. Il padrino ?
    9. Tutto quella notte – filmetto delizioso, mi ricordo che lo vidi all’epoca in tv insieme a mio fratello e ci eravamo divertiti tanto…

  3. ciao, i miei amici di Friendfeed ci hanno preso gusto e hanno voluto giocare anche questa settimana, ecco cosa abbiamo trovato: 1. Velluto Blu 2. Il terrore corre sul filo 3. La moglie dell’astronauta 6. Il padrino parte II 9. Tutto quella notte

    1. Avete fatto bene! Allora, vediamo un po’:
      1. Sì.
      2. No.
      3. Sì.
      6. Purtroppo no, perché si tratta de Il Padrino (quello del 1972).
      9. Sì.

  4. i must admit I confused “clueless” with “200 cigarettes” (just because i love so much this one that I see it everywhere!).
    waiting for next friday!

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