Long Live the Fighters!

Eyes in movies: a theme I’ve never used before in my Friday Guessing Games, but which I think is extremely interesting and fascinating. This was not an easy guessing game, because it’s not easy to identify a movie from such a peculiar physical feature only. In any case, here are the results.

Raffy is the winner! Excellent result, in my opinion: she guessed 7 pictures right, which is very good, considering the difficulty of the game. Well done, girl!




  1. 1. Robin Tunney, The Craft
    3. Angelina Jolie, The Bone Collector
    4. Virginia Madsen, Dune (titolo!)
    5. Kate Winslet, Holy Smoke
    6. Marion Cotillard, Inception (che bella!)
    8. Kim Novak, Vertigo
    9. Cate Blanchett, Notes on a Scandal (adoro sia lei che film)

      1. Evvai!! Sono davvero contenta di aver vinto questo round. Complimenti a te, questo quiz era proprio bello. 🙂

    1. Anche secondo me non era per niente facile.

      L’ultimo screenshot è tratto da un film che conosci sicuramente, Sunset Boulevard di Billy Wilder.

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