Come Closer and See, See Into the Dark

Recurring themes and sources of inspiration are among my personal obsessions, but if you’re regular readers of this blog, you’ve already realized it for sure. Chanel costume jewellery is one of my trademark topics, because the collections of the French maison are never predictable and always feature some new elements, though paying homage to traditional guide lines (chains, double C and cuff bracelets, just to name a few).

The fall 2011 pre-collection introduces an industrial and gothic tone which will be further developed in the fall 2011 collection. It’s not a coincidence that I’ve picked the Cure’s A Forest as the source of the title, because the haunting and mysterious atmosphere of this seminal song (used as soundtrack of the fall 2011 fashion show) perfectly mirrors the mood of this collection. Before starting to see the most noteworthy pieces, let me tell you this is one of my favourite collections ever and, if you know my love for cuff bracelets, you’ll soon get why.

The aethereal setting of the images above contrast with the dark outfit of the model and with her accessories, where pearls are mixed to grey chains. I love the low-quality of the pictures, which seem to be screenshots from a video actually.

Are you ready for a gorgeous extravaganza of cuff bracelets? I am, of course. I’m deeply in love with each and every cuff bracelet included in the collection, starting with this one, made of metal, embellished with glass pearls and a resin medallion.

This piece is so romantic, but I’m not sure I would wear it (in general, I’m not a fan of logos, and gigantic double Cs always make me feel uncomfortable): the cuff is made of resin and embellished with metal, glass pearls, enamel tiny camellias and strass.

The same decorations can be find in this metal ring. I can safely say I would never wear it: I don’t like statement rings and this is no exception. Moreover, the decoration on the ring itself AND on the band is a bit too heavy for my liking.

Another double C, this time in gold metal, applied on the resin cuff and embellished with strass and incisions.

This is definitely my cup of tea: the plexi and enamel medallion on the acetate cuff bracelet reminds me of a four-leaf clover, while the central metal decoration resembles a knot.

The same decorative element can be found in the metal brooch with plexi and enamel accents, and as a medallion on the glass pearl necklace. I’m not sure I like this navy blue version of the four-leaf clover decoration, I much prefer the dark red one.

Pearls are among the recurring themes of Chanel costume jewellery collections. In this case, they’re used in a quite conventional way, as decorations on a gold metal double C brooch and for a long double strand necklace.

Pearls characterize these two long necklaces, as well: the first also has some strass and metal dice, while the second has tiny strass and metal chain.

Dice seem to find no connection with the rest of the collection, but they’re funny decorative elements anyway. This metal ring is heavily embellished with strass and a cluster of glass pearls, strass-studded dice and double Cs. I’m not a fan of cluster rings, because they always tend to be cheap-looking, but this one is actually nice.

Apart from the cuff bracelets, there’s nothing else to be excited about in this collection. It is as if it simply were a warm-up for the fall 2011 collection, which is definitely more interesting and intriguing.



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