If You Tell People They’re Stupid, They’ll Usually Hate You

Summer is officially over: yesterday B started a new year at pre-school and next Monday it’s my turn. After 8 years of teaching in high schools, for the first time I’m back to the school where I taught last year. I still don’t know if I teach my “old” students again, but the idea of going back to a place I know is kind of comforting. The present state of Italian school is terrifying, so I consider myself lucky because I know I’ll be working for nine months. If you’re still a student, or a teacher, or a student’s friend/parent, all my best to you: may your upcoming school year be fruitful and exciting!

Today is Friday, so here I come with my Guessing Game. It’s obviously related to the “back to school” theme, because it features writings and blackboards. There’s no need to remind you this is just a game, so no cheating and use your memory!

The winner of this Friday Guessing Game is Aleale, who guessed five pictures right! Well done, girl! Just a few words about the video above: I’ve realized I failed to explain why I like this type of manicure so much. I’ve tried to explain it in the comment to this screencap from Gossip Girl.




  1. Bianca è un amore…
    Btw ecco le mie risposte:

    3) “Io sono l’amore”
    4) “Donnie Darko”
    6) “Little Miss Sunshine”

    Un bacio e in bocca al lupo per il nuovo anno scolastico! (questo è il mio primo anno senza scuola…ho finito l’università e lunedì inizierò il mio primo lavoro: pauraaaaa! 😀 )

  2. 9. Ghost World
    7. Marisa Tomei in Only You (God bless the 90s!)
    8. i’m not sure, but I’d say Smart People (I had great expectations about that movie, cos I love Ellen Page, then I saw it… auch!)
    6. the adorable Little Miss Sunshine!
    4 Donnie Darko (I was sure You’d have used it sooner or later!)

    No clue of the others and I’m sure there will be someone who’ll know more titles, but I’m quite proud of myself this time.

    Teresa, share the love, but don’t be too wordy, cos Uomini e donne is starting!

    1. 4. Yes (Donnie Darko is one of my favourite movies, but I try not to use too many pics from it ;))
      6. Yes (lovely movie).
      7. Yes.
      8. Yes, that’s right.
      9. Yes.

      Oh my! I’ll try to be more concise than usual 😉

  3. Congratulations on your job, I hope you have a great school year ahead!!

    This week, I’m not at all prepared; number 3 looks very familiar but I can’t quite recall where it comes from, and number 5 could be Donnie darko, although I’m not too sure about this. I promise that I’ll study for next week 😉

    1. Thanks!!! I’m very excited 🙂

      Number 3 is from Io sono l’amore (I think you watched it). Number 4 (and not 5) is from Donnie Darko.

  4. I only know a few of them: n.2 (Clueless 1995), n.4 (Donnie Darko 2001), n.7 (Only you 1994) and n.8 (Smart People 2008) but I’m sure I’ll go like “Oooooh!” by surprise when you’ll reveal the others!
    (I’m sorry I’m such a crap at this game but I enjoy it so much and I always love the video solutions!)

    1. Very good result: all your 4 guesses are correct.

      Yes, I’m sure you watched some of the movies you haven’t guessed, so stay tuned for the video solution 😉

  5. Gosh I’m super late
    anyway the one and only picture that i guessed it’s picture n°2 which is taken from “Clueless”.
    thank you for your wishes and have a nice school year too 🙂

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