Is She Pretty on the Inside? Is She Pretty From the Back?

Are you surprised to see another Friday Guessing Game? Well, I must admit I was missing this weekly appointment, so I’ve decided to come back with a very special edition. As you may know, I turned 20 in 1994, so most of my cultural (music and cinema, in particular) references come from that decade. I rarely listen to contemporary music, because I’m a nostalgic and prefer listening to what I used to listen in the past; for this reason, I still love music videos from the 90s, some of which are the protagonists of this guessing game. Remember that all the screencaps are taken from music videos of that decade (1990-1999).  It’s a game, so try to rely on your memory only 🙂

If you enjoy this edition, I’ll soon make another one dedicated to music videos from the 80s.

I’m happy to announce the winners of this guessing game: Valentina and Luca, two true music (and music video) experts! Well done 🙂




  1. Così su due piedi:

    2 – Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring ( “She was never bored because she was never boring” con il favoloso video di Bruce Weber. Hai visto il suo “Let’s Get Lost”?)

    4 – Cranberries – Linger

    6 – Chemical Brothers – Elektrobank

    11 – Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Josie Maran!)

    18 – Madonna – Take a Bow (bello anche “Bad Girl” di Fincher da screencappare, ma un po’ tutti i video di Madonna…)

    Ma ne ne verranno in mente altri, sicuro.

    (Fallo sì, per favore, il GG anni 80)

    1. 2. Giusto. Video meraviglioso, sicuramente uno dei miei preferiti di quell’anno. No, purtroppo mai visto Let’s Get Lost: è su Chet Baker, vero?
      4. Sì.
      6. Sììì. Una delle protagoniste è Sofia Coppola 🙂
      11. Certo.
      18. Esatto. Bad Girl è un capolavoro, ma non so perché ho preferito Take a Bow.

  2. per ora i nostri sforzi congiunti hanno riconosciuto queste:

    6. The Chemical Brothers – Elektrobank
    7. Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug
    8. Christina Aguilera – Genie In A Bottle
    10. Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box
    11. Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
    13. Brandy & Monica – The Boy Is Mine
    14. Pearl Jam – Jeremy
    17. Madonna – Take A Bow

    Valentina & Luca

  3. 1  Hole – Doll parts
    7  Madonna – Frozen
    10  Nirvana – Heart shaped box 
    11  Everybody – Backstreet Boys
    18  Madonna – Take a bow 

    Share the love. And music. XX

  4. 8. Christina Aguilera – Genie in a bottle
    10. Nirvana- Heart shaped box
    11. Backstreet Boys – Everybody
    12. So di averlo visto ma non riesco a ricordare cosa sia…forse qualcosa di Madonna?

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