It’s Like Lego, It’s All Sort of Pretend.

Are you surprised to find a Friday Guessing Game in the middle of August? I know I said the game was in hiatus, but I couldn’t resist and did something special for this week-end. As you can see, the theme is quite unusual (animals of all kinds and in all forms – alive, stuffed or toys), but I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I don’t think it’s necessary, but I’d like to remind you this is just a game, so there’s no reason to cheat. I know it can be easily solved using TinEye and Google Images, but what’s the use of that? No money here, just fun!

The winner of this mid-August guessing game is valibruno, who guessed five pictures right! Congratulations: this is one of the most difficult games I’ve ever done.




  1. Only one… but it’s the one and only! Picture n.9 is Alfred Hitchcock’s “The birds”, one of my favourite movies ever and, in my opinion, the best of Hitchcock’s movies.
    The picture shows the director himself in one of his famous hidden appearances in his movies. I love it!
    Have a nice Ferragosto 🙂

  2. Superhappy for the unexpected guessing game!
    shame on me but I only guessed picture number 10 as “the birds”.
    p.s. I just received my copy of Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty and I’m totally loving it (thanks to your little review.)

    1. Awww, I’m glad you appreciated the unexpected comeback of the Friday Guessing Game!
      Yes, number 10 is The Birds.

      That book is just amazing.

  3. I can only guess the second- last one; it’s The Birds by Hitchcock.
    oh, and the giraffe having tea is adorable!!!
    hope you’re having a nice summer 🙂

  4. What a lovely surprise and nice welcome back to reality 4 me. Here we go:
    2. Rumble fish
    3. An american werewolf in London
    4. The dreamers
    8. My summer of love
    10. The Birds

  5. 2. Over the edge
    11. My summer of love
    3. Misery
    5. I can’t remember the movie but i seem to remember you already used this image for a FGG on telephones, right?

    And i’m sure i’ve seen but 7 and 8 but I can’t remember now.:(

    Enjoy the end of the summer, you folks!

    1. 2. No.
      3. No.
      5. No, sorry, I’ve never used it before.
      11. Yes.

      As for 7 & 8, they’re from quite unusual movies, but maybe it’s true you watched them.

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