Oui, Je Suis Une NARS-issist!

August has just started, summer is in full bloom (maybe somewhere else: here it’s cold and damp), but it’s been a while since fall 2011 make-up collections have been released. As a NARS-issist, I’m always looking forward to checking the new collections out, so you may understand my excitement when I learnt – last week, during my holidays – that the NARS collection for the upcoming fall has just come out! Besides the lovely collection, I was really surprised in seeing the new testimonial of the brand, the Italian model Mariacarla Boscono, who has replaced Iris Strubegger.

I’ve never written anything extensive about her, but she’s my favourite Italian model, so I’m really glad she has been chosen as the face of my favourite make-up brand: it actually sounds like a match made in heaven. Mariacarla perfectly embodies the intense and vampy mood of this collection, where neutral shades are paired to bold tones, like bright blue and full-bodied red.

The collection includes a duo eyeshadow (Grand Palaissilver taupe and dusty rose), a mono eyeshadow (Outremer – bright true blue) and a trio eyeshadow (Delphes – sparkling sheer peach, matte dove grey and frosted sage); a lipstick (Pago Pago – shimmering pink), a lipgloss (Oasis – sparkling pink champagne), a velvet matte lip pencil (Train Bleu – deep aubergine) and two pure matte lipsticks (Montego Bay – rose pink – and Mascate – bold red). The latest addition to the nail polish range is Galion, stormy grey. As usual, I’m particularly attracted by the lip products (Mascate will be mine as soon as possible), but the eyeshadows look great, too. If I still were in my twenties, I would have loved Outremer so much (I used to wear lots of bright-coloured eyeshadows), but I don’t think I’ll buy it.

There’s another new product in the wide range of NARS Cosmetics, a new line of eye pencils I’m pretty excited about (guess which colour I’m drawn to?).

Larger Than Life long-wear eyeliners are long-wearing and feature 9 shades, named after some of the most iconic streets in the world: Madison Ave (slate grey), Bourbon Street (purple), Rue Bonaparte (light almond), Rue de Rivoli (metallic forest green), Via Veneto (black), Santa Monica Blvd. (white), Rue Saint-Honoré (deep royal blue), Via Appia (copper brown) and Abbey Road (iridescent turquoise).

I love these three looks on Mariacarla; the second one, in particular, is my favourite: Outremer is amazing if paired to nude lips and a perfectly contoured face (I like the pink blush she’s wearing).
If you are regular readers of my blog, you may remember I collect NARS cosmetics, and I’m obsessed with lipsticks. So it’s no wonder that I’m going to introduce you to the latest addition to my collection: Red Lizard, a gorgeous red shade I received as a birthday present by my friend Valentina.
This semi-matte lipstick is described by Nars as full-powered red, which I totally agree with. It’s not as bold as MAC Ruby Woo or Russian Red, but it’s richly pigmented and elegant, a gorgeous red for a a daily use. Now that I’m tanned, the colour doesn’t really stand out on my lips, but I’m sure its effect will fully displayed when I go back to my winter, olive complexion.
What do you think of this collection? Is there anything you’d absolutely like to try?

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