Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice, Finals

Sure time flies! The first edition of NBC’s The Voice has recently come to an end and I must admit I enjoyed the ride! It was nice to see Christina in a tv show: she’s going through a positive moment of personal and professional growth, and her style shows this. It looks like she’s having fun in experimenting with her own image, and this must be welcomed, after quite a confused style phase.

The very last episode of this edition was aired on June 28th; the following day, Christina attended a viewing party, looking more fabulous than ever.

My major (and only) complaint is her hair. I think she should really do something with it – a different colour or haircut – because this platinum blonde long mane has become definitely boring. I love the rest of her outfit, which included a strapless patterned dress, glittering peep-toe pumps and diamond jewellery.

One must credit Max and Ljubov Azria for making Hervè Leger an incredibly famous brand, but also for mixing things up and designing interesting variations on the theme “bandage dress”. The dress Christina wore is from the Resort 2011 collection: white and strapless, it has a beautiful embroidered pattern. I like it because it’s kind of refined and makes her subtly sparkle.

Her glittering pumps are, of course, by Christian Louboutin: these beauties are the Very Riche pumps, covered in silver strass.

No subtle sparkling when it comes to jewellery. I’m glad Christina is still loyal to Loree Rodkin. She wore pyramid bracelets (see the twinkling of the inlaid stones, mesmerizing), a diamond-studded bangle with rhomb motifs and two rings.

I’m impressed by the earrings she was wearing, too: they feature diamonds and large moonstones, sublime. I’ve just said I don’t like her hair at all, but she’s made huge improvements when it comes to her make-up: in some episodes of The Voice, she even sported neutral shades! I know she’ll never stop wearing red lipstick (why should she do such a thing?), but I can see a desire to experiment in this department, too. Don’t you think the silver eyeshadow she wore for the occasion is just gorgeous?

Now, let’s see what she wore on the finale of the programme. She performed live with the other three coaches, but during the competition she changed outfit, opting for a super sexy black dress.

It is a creation by The Row, the fashion line designed by Ashley Olsen (I still haven’t understood if there’s Mary-Kate’s hand here or not). Wadely (this is the name of the style) is an amazing dress because it has a double soul: it has a vaguely scuba vibe, due to the long zip running on the front, but it can be turned into something sexy, like Christina did, just by pulling the zip down. Christina looked sensational.

The four coaches gave a live rendition of Under Pressure, a song by the Queen – featuring a duet of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie – released in 1981 and included in the album Hot Space in 1982.

For the performance, Christina wore a long leather jacket by Burberry, with quilted details on the sleeves.

She also wore Faithful booties by Alexander McQueen and Loree Rodkin jewellery. Thank God, this time she didn’t wear any girdle-like shorts with a Burberry jacket, but she opted to wear it as a dress, an excellent choice.

I’m not a fan of this song, but I quite like the coaches’ rendition. It’s funny to read the comments to the video on YouTube: many commenters were wondering why Christina was screaming, but it’s clear they have no idea what they’re talking about. Hello, this is her voice, why shouldn’t she use it?

The episode included some previously recorded backstage scenes, showing the rehearsals Christina did with Linda Perry and Beverly McClellen. In this case, she showed a completely different side of herself.

She wore a plaid jacket, a white tank, black skinny pants and a strawberry velvet floppy hat. Her crinkled hair is a blast from the past but it perfectly goes with her outfit (I love the bohemian vibe of crinkled hair and floppy hat).

She kept her jewellery simple and wore a turquoise beaded bracelet and Loree Rodkin Ghost ring, which I love.

The episode included another performance of Christina: Beverly and she sang an unplugged version of her hit, Beautiful.

In this case, she wore an outfit pretty similar to the one she had sported while rehearsing – black blazer and leggings, a white t-shirt, a fedora hat and Loree Rodkin diamond ball earrings. This toned-down version of Christina is pretty intriguing, in my opinion.

Sorry for the watermarked picture, but I wanted to show you she also wore Christian Loubotin Maggie pumps in Pumice.

A few words before closing the post. You may not like Christina, but no one can deny she’s got an amazing voice. She’s often been accused of being a diva, but see how she kept her performance simple to let Beverly shine. Take your time to watch the video above, because it’s simply amazing. I’ve watched it many times and I’ve always got goosebumps on my arms 🙂

Now the show’s over, how will I feed my Christina’s style mania? I hope the second season will be produced and aired soon!

Source and source.



  1. I tweeted simone last week about the maroon/plaid blazer and she said it was by a company called “boys” but I couldn’t seem to find anything on google about them. Would you have any idea?

    Also, the new season starts filming in October and will air jan/feb on next year..such a long time to wait 😦

    1. The only BOY brand I know is a historic London brand from the 1970s-1980s. Urban Outfitters sell this line, but I have no idea if Christina’s blazer is actually from it.

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