Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice – Semifinals

The first season of The Voice is quickly coming to an end: the semifinal phase – which included two episodes – was aired on June 21st and 22nd. The peak of the first episode was a live performance by the Maroon5 with the friendly help of Christina Aguilera. Moves Like Jagger is the perfect summer party song: I really like it because it’s definitely catchy and because Christina gives it a special touch (even if her part is too short, in my opinion).

When I watched the performance, my jaw dropped to the ground. No, really. I was more than surprised by Christina’s look! I love her when she opts for totally unexpected outfits; in these moments, I don’t care if her style is consistent or refined, because it’s clear she’s having fun with fashion, and that’s enough for me. In this case, I loved the contrast between her casual outfit and the crazy, pink-highlighted updo.

What can I say? I’m in awe in front of her cotton-candy hair. The only flaw, in my opinion, is the top part, with some flying hair, but the rest was perfect. You know I love big chignons, so I cannot help but admiring the one sported by Christina. I don’t even want to start talking of those pink highlights, because I utterly adore them.

Her outfit – the most casual outfit she’s sported in The Voice so far – included black leggings, Christian Louboutin pumps (sorry but I couldn’t identify the style, because they didn’t give us a close-up of her feet) and a t-shirt by the Amsterdam-based brand Zoe Karssen. Christina performed with an all-male band, so I think she opted for the best possible t-shirt 😉 She also wore a charm bracelet, Loree Rodkin diamond pendant earrings and multi-strand chain necklaces.

During the episode, she also wore a Langdale leather jacket by Ever and her lucky charm – the infamous Loree Rodkin Maltese cross bondage ring.

In the first episode, some behind-the-scene moments were aired, with Christina and Frenchie working on the singer’s performance for the semifinals. Christina wore another piece by Zoe Karssen – a California Dreaming tank top with a heart-shaped eyed Jolly Roger print.

She also wore black skinny pants, a grey knitted hat and Christian Louboutin Lady Peep patent pumps.

The second episode was a major let-down, because Christina wore one of the worst outfits ever.

She wore a black mini-skirt with a silver hem and a leopard-printed bustier top. She also wore a customized Team Xtina t-shirt. In this case, she’s indefensible, because her outfit was really trashy.

She also wore glittering pumps by Christian Louboutin, a navette ring by Loree Rodkin and the same Cavalli earrings she wore in the first round of the quarter finals. You know I hated the braid she sported in the second round of the quarter finals, but I like this one better: it’s not a real braid, but a “sausage” ponytail. It’s not a refined hairdo, but it looks good on her: she looked so beautiful in the screencap above!

Now that Beverly is the only member of Team Xtina left, do you think she has any chances to win the competition? What are your ideas about the outfits Christina wore in these episodes?

Source, source, source and source.



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