Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice – Quarter Finals, Round 2

I don’t live in the United States, so whenever a new episode of NBC’s The Voice is aired, I have to wait at least one day before watching some excerpts from it or to get some screencaps. This is incredibly frustrating because while everybody is talking of this and that, you have no idea of what happened in the show. This week, thanks to the amazing boys at Aguileraonline, I could watch the whole episode, and I enjoyed it a lot. Christina went through a rough patch, because two of her girls – Raquel and Lily – were sent home. I’m sad because they were talented, in my opinion, but I still have hopes Team Christina will win the competition.

I don’t know how to define this picture. Well, it’s lovely in itself (Christina is so cute here), but it’s a weird mix of good and bad. I always try to stay positive, so let’s start with the good – her make-up. I must admit I’m shocked whenever she ventures outside her house without her trademark red lipstick on, and this time was no exception. She opted for neutral lips, amazing smokey eyes and a coral/orange blush (the colour on her cheeks is always mesmerizing), and she looked so beautiful. If we move to the bad part of the picture, we nearly hit the bottom. I don’t know who does her hair for The Voice, but I’d like to have a chat with him/her: what was he/she thinking when he/she made such a hideous hairdo? I hate loose braids in formal occasions, so the starting point is wrong, but I have no words to express my thoughts about that tiny braid hanging on one side. Was she channelling her inner Rayanne Graff? I just don’t get it.

In any case, the hair disaster was balanced by the rest. Her passion for Herve Leger is back, because she wore a teal bandage dress in this episode. You know I’ve got mixed feelings when it comes to this type of dresses: I hated them when they were spotted on any celebrity in any corner of the world, but now that they’re not as ubiquitous as they used to be (ok, Amanda Bynes wears them all the time, but still) I can sometimes force myself to like them. I really love the line of this one, the sweetheart neckline and the sexy cut-out on the back


The jewellery department included Loree Rodkin pieces only, a nice surprise. I’m so glad she’s been wearing Rodkin creations for a while now: they’re so beautiful, somehow poetic with a rock vibe which perfectly suits Christina’s style. These pendant earrings have an original “leaf” diamond-encrusted shape and a stone hanging inside.

Christina has been wearing Rodkin bondage rings in many recent occasions, but this time it looks like she opted for something different from her Maltese cross ring. Mine is just a guess, because I didn’t find high-resolution pics, so I’m not 100% sure, but her ring is similar to the one above, made of white gold (the lace effect is awesome) and diamonds.

On the other hand, she wore a navette ring with diamonds. I love this ring, because it has a modern shape but a romantic/old-fashioned mood, probably thanks to the central stone, which looks like an opal or a moonstone.

Nobody saw Christina’s shoes during the show, but Simone Harouche – her stylist – posted a pic showing she wore her trusty Maggie pumps by Christian Louboutin in Pumice (you may remember she wore them at the Ellen DeGeneres Show last April).

What do you think of her outfit in this episode? I kind of miss the little-black-dress-wearer Christina, but I’m glad she’s experimenting with her image and stirring things up.

Source, source, source and source.



  1. I absolutely love her bondage ring!
    i think it’s nice that she’s trying out new things, and I don’t think the hairstyle is awful per se- for me, i find that it’s not always easy for blondes to pull off plaits, as the “oktoberfest barmaid” effect is always round the corner, if you know what i mean….
    on the otehr hand, i think her make-up really suits her, she looks really beautiful even if it’s not her usual style

    1. Awww, I love Loree Rodkin jewellery and that ring in particular.

      I totally agree on the hairstyle question. The problem is not related to blondes only, because the braid as a hairdo for such an occasion (and for red carpets, too) is just wrong. BTW, I love braided updos (I sported one on my wedding day). Thumbs up for her make-up: she looked lovely!

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